Hinning House Outdoor Education Centre, owned by Wigan Council and run by us, celebrated its 50th birthday in September 2017.

The Centre, a mile south of Cockley Beck in the Duddon Valley, runs courses for young people that aim to broaden their horizons, build their confidence and increase their independence. As well as the chance to take part in adventurous and challenging activities, children can also take part in a local farm visit and learn more about the community that they are part of while staying at the centre.

Dave Harvey, our Head of Centres at the time, said: “Hinning House is special for a number of reasons, but the key one is its location. The Centre has always been a close part of the community, and many people who live in the valley have worked at the Centre at some time or other. The children who visit leave with a greater understanding of valley life, and the impact of their visit can last a lifetime.” 

Hinning House During Its 50 Years Celebration Youngsters Celebrating At Hinning House People From Hinning Houses Past And Present Celebrate Its 50 Years

James Winterbottom, Director – Children and Families, Wigan Council, reflected on the day in his monthly email to colleagues, saying: “These properties provide unique opportunities for Wigan Borough’s school children to embrace the Lake District’s outstanding countryside and experience a variety of different outdoor activities. To celebrate the occasion the Trust invited along some old (and some not so old) patrons, including headteachers and representatives from our schools, young people who have enjoyed the centres, and Alan Lindsay Assistant Director - Education. Lord Peter Smith and I have always been keen advocates of the centres and their facilities. However, not everyone is aware that council staff and all Wigan residents can also take advantage of the centres’ beautiful locations and activities."