Our key workers have always worked hard to support families and young people in the Bradford area - so it's especially gratifying to hear positive feedback from the people we aim to help most.

One recent example is the feedback received from a family of eight who praised their key worker Kirrin for all the hidden extra things done to help bring meaningful change to their lives.

Kirrin had been working with a single mum with children aged 11 to 24. The mother had been a victim of domestic violence and had been forced to flee from the family home taking all the children and their much-loved family dog. Kirrin did everything possible to get the family back on its feet including organising counselling for the mother, as well as some of the children who’d witnessed the physical abuse. She sorted all the practical issues of securing housing, liaising with schools and helping the family to access wider public services. She even helped the children to buy and wash their clothes; found the right professional help for one of the children who suffered from an eating disorder, and contacted the extended family to arrange for the younger children to visit their Grandma.

This is what the eldest son said:

Kirrin was so calm and collected and offered practical help and advice to tackle some monumental changes in all our lives. Here’s a list of the things she’s helped me with, and this is just me: helping with my bank account, applying for my provisional driving licence, taking me to my appointments, helping me to get medication, fixing me up with a brilliant counsellor, helping the family dog get fostered, getting my younger brothers and sisters onto fun programmes so they’d leave me alone, helping me to get food from the food bank, taking me and brother out for nice food, and helping us find new accommodation. And that's just the stuff I can remember. I’m positive she’s done more and will continue to help us out for as long as we need help. Kirrin always answers my calls, whatever the time of day.