Poppy had a troubled childhood and adolescence.

It was not unknown for her to run away, sometimes disappearing for weeks, and as a teenager she routinely misused alcohol and drugs and at one stage ended up homeless. 

Aged just 17, she fell pregnant and had a baby girl, but her life was still on a downward spiral and she soon decided that her daughter would have a better start in life if she lived with her grandma, Poppy's mum. 

In 2017 Poppy became pregnant again with her son Jamie, only this time she knew that her life had to change. She joined our Families First programme in Bradford where she was offered the help and support she needed to become a more confident parent. She’s received regular one-to-one support from our key worker Vikki and is now feeling much more positive about the future. 

Poppy has now started college, is looking after her son Jamie and is in frequent contact with her daughter. Vikki continues to keep her moving forward by encouraging her to make decisions for herself and reminding her how far she’s come.

‘I don’t know what I would have done without the Families First programme and my key worker Vikki. It feels great to have someone in my corner so they can just listen to what I have to say.’