We know we can have more impact on the lives of children and young people if we can also support parents and siblings with improved wellbeing.

We have teamed up with Leeds Rhinos Foundation to deliver a family resilience programme to families based in Leeds, called Brighter Futures 4 Leeds Families.

This project is aimed at families living in areas of deprivation where educational outcomes are low, with poor physical and emotional health and is funded by Igen Trust.

The families that are chosen may not have been part of any other parenting programmes or have a key worker. The families are recognised as needing support but do not meet the Children Social Services or Early Targeted Early Help/Families First criteria.

We spent a lot more time together without the internet and more time outdoors. When we came home we went for walks to the park and spent more time talking

The programme focuses on children with behavioural issues, no routine or discipline. We work alongside schools to recognise which parents are struggling to parent effectively or need support with setting routines, boundaries etc.

Some children can have issues such as low school attendance, anger issues, not following a routine, are always on their computer/tablet, not engaging in social activity or after school clubs, unhealthy eating and confidence issues.

We will work with 45 families and more than 200 individuals over 3 years. Each programme lasts for 12 weeks, including a residential in the Lake District.

I feel I have a stronger bond with my daughter. I trust her more, and know she will come to me if she needs me. Her attitude has changed; no tantrums and she is more caring. She has gained confidence in herself and has made more friends.

Watch this short video of photos, videos and quotes from the first family trip to the Lake District: