Thanks to the Furness construction company, HBP, we now have the start of a brand new ropes course.

We are always grateful and forever indebted to the kind donations that come our way from local businesses. There really are some lovely people out there and its their spirit and generosity that lies right at the heart of our ability to help and support children and young people.

One recent example of this is the great work done by Harry Barker and his team, from HBP in Furness. As specialists in groundworks, civil engineering projects, and machinery and plant hire, they were ideally placed to help prepare an area of land at our Ambleside residential centre to be used for our next ropes adventure course. The area has long been earmarked for this purpose but without the time, expertise and materials so generously offered to us by HBP we would never have been in a position to get this off the ground so soon.

When finished, the course will be used and enjoyed by young people from across the UK, including, of course, those from Furness who have the opportunity to visit us through our community programmes in Barrow. The benefits of coming away on a residential experience are now well researched and understood in terms of building resilience, confidence and self-esteem. It's on visits to our Ambleside centre that young people in Furness get the opportunity to build new friendships, take stock of their situation and go on to make positive choices in their lives.

So huge thanks to Harry Barker and the amazing team from HBP Cumbria. Their help will go on to benefit many young people - and they didn’t charge us a penny.