Our Be SAVY (be Safe and Value Yourself) programme supports young people towards positive and safe relationships.

It’s aim is to reduce vulnerability to sexual exploitation and improve outcomes for those engaged in the programme.

Watch a video of Jakki, one of our Be SAVY project leaders, talking about our Child Sexual Exploitation work in our Cumbria region by clicking the play button in the header image.

The course has helped me to delete unsafe apps and stopped me messaging random people… I take relationships more slowly and build trust.

Programme participant


At first I didn’t want to go, but now I’m really glad. You learn things in yourself. Become more confident. Make new friends.

Programme participant

63% Retention On Our Cse Programmes 30% Increase In Understanding Of Healthy Relationships

I know what a healthy relationship is and the difference between positive and negative relationships.

Programme Participant


Be Savy works with girls and boys aged 12-17, who have issues which put them at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Many of these young people will be NEET, or have poor school attendance, some may be in care or in the criminal justice system, and may be resistant to engagement with statutory services.

They may also go missing from home/care, be exposed to high levels of deprivation, experience rural isolation, have family difficulties, or other risk factors such as drug or alcohol abuse.

Our programme helps to build positive relationships, raise awareness, and provide opportunities to learn through experience.

Targeted prevention work is delivered through group work programmes and one-to-one informal support / outreach, as well as residential experiences.

Peer Leadership work helps with the training & skill development of young people who have experienced CSE to become peer workers. Not only do they have credibility, they understand the dangers and are able to say what could have made a difference to them. With the opportunity to learn delivery and presentation skills, they can go on to share their experiences, and help design and deliver interventions to other young people at risk.


The programme produces:

  • A reduction in missing from home reports and risk taking behaviour for participants
  • An increase in young people’s understanding of sexual exploitation and grooming techniques
  • An Improvement in young people’s trust and positive relationships with statutory and community services
  • Enhancement in the process of disclosure and information sharing to reduce risk and fast track to crisis intervention

Young people participating in the programme gain:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Confidence
  • Increased sense of control
  • Greater willingness to speak out & share
  • Increased knowledge of the role of support services & professionals
  • Communication and team work skills
  • A growing realisation and awareness of healthy relationships, risk-taking behaviour, exploitation and support services

Listen to this hard hitting report by BBC Radio Cumbria, recorded at one of our Be SAVY programmes: