Increasing numbers of young people suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-harm, which schools and parents do not have confidence in addressing.

One In Four 26 Young People In The Uk Experience Suicidal Thoughts Among Teenagers Rates Of Depression And Anxiety Have Increased By 70 In The Past 25 Years

Our #FeelGood #FunctionWell programme increases mental wellbeing and resilience at times of transition, reducing the number of young people needing support for mental health problems. 

I was shown support and through that I was able to know that I am determined and can complete activities and challenges set in front of me!

Programme Participant


Knowing myself now and knowing other people are going through the same, has given me different options and it makes me want to help others in the same situation.

Programme Participant


We work with young people aged between 8 and 18, displaying, or at risk of, low level mental health issues, supporting parents concerned about their children’s mental wellbeing. Young people will be referred through schools, youth groups, and statutory services which identify a need.

Awareness raising sessions delivered with partners will also identify those in need of group sessions. Parents and carers will be able to refer as a result of the sessions we run with them.

Using a young person-led approach to addressing their mental health needs, we take into account what they want, not what service providers think they should have. We help young people develop the skills and coping mechanisms needed to enable them to recognise and seek support when they need it.

The programme includes:

  • Raising awareness workshops: Discussion, scenarios, role play, clips
  • Peer support and coping strategies
  • Experiential learning activities in community and residential settings
  • A safe place to share - supportive conversations
  • 2 way referrals to fast track support

All sessions are run after school and on a weekend, and incorporate activities which promote health & fitness, team work, and use of creative arts sessions to help uncover mental health issues they currently face.

Sessions include:

  • Promoting well-being
  • Mental health awareness and challenging stigma
  • Looking after yourself
  • Support networks
  • Reaching out
  • Drugs, alcohol and mental health
  • Understanding and managing anger
  • Food and mood
  • Managing stress
  • Healthy relationships
  • Thinking & feeling
  • When bad things happen



Our #FeelGood #FunctionWell programme:

  • Helps participants recognise their own strengths and skills and how to use them in a positive way
  • Raises participants’ confidence and self-belief
  • Raises awareness of when and where to seek support
  • Improves wellbeing and resilience

By contributing their own ideas to be incorporated into the programme, young people are motivated to work together, respecting one another’s opinions and perspectives within a safe environment. 

The young people will feel more confident about themselves and recognise and celebrate the positive sides to their self-image, personality and own experiences of mental health issues.

This programme is only available in areas where it has been commissioned by partner agencies.