Our 3.7 programme is a school-based initiative to help young people become more resilient.

Young people taking part in 3.7 have been referred to the programme by their schools because they have been identified as having specific challenges in life – be it personal setbacks, low self-esteem, behavioural problems, or stress or anxiety. Through 3.7, they discover an inner strength they didn’t know existed, equipping them to take control, make better decisions and participate in new, positive activities to build their own resilience.

The programme is in memory of Matt Campbell, the 29-year-old MasterChef semi-finalist who collapsed and died whilst running the London Marathon just 3.7 miles before the finish line.

So far pupils from Year 6 through to Year 9 from seven different schools have taken part. Over the next few years, up to 800 pupils stand to benefit from the initiative.

I have become more confident with myself. I have learnt I can speak to people when I need to.

3.7 programme participant

Resilience is about not giving up, believing in yourself and working hard to achieve your goals. 3.7 teaches this through outdoor activity, conservation, healthy living and creativity.

Godfrey Owen, Brathay Chief Executive


From a small start last year working with just 12 children at the Kendal primary school Matt Campbell attended, the programme has already helped 80 Y6-Y9 pupils in seven different schools. The aim is to reach 800 children in the next four years.

85% Strengths And Qualities 82% Cope With Their Lives 65% Healthier Eating And Activity

It is both our hope and intention that 3.7 sets young people on a better path in life, helping them to achieve sustained attendance at school, healthier personal relationships and more successful transitions from school to further education, training or even work.

Cindy Barnett, Resilient Project Worker


3.7 is designed to support pupils with low self-confidence, anxiety, poor relationships with peers and adults, or even a disinterest in taking part in positive social activities.

Resilience and inner strength are a young person’s hidden key to personal success and the Programme enables participants to tap in to this during interactive sessions run away from their school, followed by a weekend residential course at one of our outdoor centres.

The course focuses on four areas:

  • Outdoor Learning
  • Conservation
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Creativity

Day sessions run once a week for eight weeks and participants are given the chance to take part in positive activity within their own local community – for example, visiting a local nature reserve or attending a BoxFit class. For those struggling to fit in at school this is often their time to flourish. The residential weekend in the Lake District builds on their new-found confidence by pushing the boundaries and building new relationships through outdoor adventure and creative sessions including mask making, papier-mache or pottery.


Programme participants benefit from:

  • Increased resilience and capacity to cope with challenges
  • A greater belief in their own abilities
  • More participation in healthy activities
  • An awareness of the choices they have
  • The ability and motivation to set their own goals

Gaining from some or all of the above leads to improved relationships among peers, family members and teachers; better school attendance and more successful transitions from school to further education, training or work.

It has helped because I don’t rage or cry as much…..I try and try again.

3.7 participant

I have got good at rowing and that feels like an achievement to me. It has helped give me confidence to deal with things at home.

3.7 participant


To find out more about 3.7 or arrange a programme for your school, call Rebecca on 015394 39778 or email Rebecca by clicking here