Our development programmes support young people in how they identify and work towards a positive future.


Key impact: Young people are empowered to develop themselves and situations by taking control and achieving what they want to achieve.

We understand that young people may need support to develop their personal and inter-personal skills to enable them to take control and grow their ability to act in the world. Our development programmes assume young people have a growing level of engagement and need support to achieve what they want to achieve. 


Development Programmes Cost

The cost for a 3 day/2 night residential programme for 12-25 year-olds is £2480 for 10 young people. That's £82.60 per day!

(£248 per person for additional numbers.) 

What’s included in the price of the Brathay core programme?

  • All food and drinks whilst on programme (Our food is hearty and healthy and cooked on the premises by our own chefs; we are able to cater for all dietary needs and our residential facilities include provision for late night snacks on our catered programmes.) 
  • Accommodation (Typically each young person will sleep in a shared dormitory style bedroom that contains 4 or 6 bunk-style beds. Accompanying staff will sleep in separate single or twin bedrooms.)
  • The loan of all necessary outdoor clothing (boots, wellingtons, waterproofs, fleeces, hats and gloves etc.)
  •  Highly skilled; qualified and experienced staff (both development trainers and technical support staff.)
  •  Use of all technical equipment required to safely participate in adventurous activities
  •  All craft and creative materials to facilitate the full development potential of your visit
  •  Transport to and from all off-site activities during the programme
  •  Full bathroom facilities divided into the appropriate ratios for the gender mix of the group 
  •  Drying rooms – no wet gear!
  •  Plenty of group space for chilling in and out of doors

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Our response

We support young people in how they identify and work towards a positive future. We believe in supporting young people to  develop their impact on themselves and situations. Our approach is based on learning through experience, reflection and review. It includes challenge by choice, goal setting, the use of role models, and programmes for the development of identity formation.

Our approach

Awareness: We support young people to become critically conscious of themselves and their situation by becoming aware of their potential to achieve their goals.

Choice: We support young people to realise their choices impact on their future and have consequences, and their power to take control of their lives by developing their ability to make positive choices and strengthen their skills.

Action: We support young people to take action by trying new things and make changes for themselves and others by developing their abilities and skills.

The outcomes we achieve build on the engagement outcomes and include increased:

Increased Personal Skills Such As Confidence Problem Solving And Decision Making Increased Interpersonal Skills Such As Communication Teamwork And Trust

Increased Sense Of Control And Self Efficacy Increased Positive Networks

Increased Agency To Make Change Increased Motivation Determination And Resilience

Examples of our development programmes:

Employability - Our Get Real programme supports young people leaving care to move towards employment, or to re-engage with education or training

Independent living - Tenancy Ready supports young people to successfully learn to live independently