Our leadership programmes support young people to become leaders of self and others.

The need

We understand that young people have the potential to take the lead in their own lives and be leaders in their worlds. Our leadership programmes assume young people are engaged and have a growing sense of empowerment, but need support to take the lead.

Our response

We support young people to become leaders of self and others. They may become future leaders in schools, communities, or organisations. Our approach includes individual and team challenges, peer reflection and review and problem solving. It builds on young people’s confidence, skills and sense of responsibility.

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Our approach

Awareness: We support young people to reflect on themselves and their situation and others around them by becoming aware of their ability to lead.

Choice: We support young people to realise their choices can have a positive impact on themselves and others and their power to take control of their lives by developing their leadership skills and growing their confidence to help others make positive choices.

Action: We support young people to take action to influence and change self, situation and environment. We encourage young people to make changes for themselves and others by becoming leaders of self and social action.

The outcomes we achieve build on the engagement and development outcomes and include increased:

Increased Sense Of Personal Leadership Increased Ability To Set Personal And Leadership Goals

Increased Understanding In The Needs Of Others Empathy Increased Teamwork Skills

Increased Skills And Abilities To Lead And Support Others Increased Ability To Inspire Others And Communicate A Clear Vision

Examples of our leadership programmes:

Leadership Development – ALP (Aspiring Leaders Programme) supports aspiring leaders of the community and voluntary sector

Citizenship - NCS (The National Citizen Service) promotes active citizenship and social action in young people's own communities 

Leadership potential  - Residential programmes supporting young people to be leaders within their schools 

Aspiring Leaders Programme

The Aspiring Leaders Programme (ALP) is a pioneering leadership development programme run by Brathay Trust and the University of Cumbria (UoC).Find out more

National Citizen Service

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a ‘Once in a Lifetime Opportunity’ programme for young people that runs three times a year, Spring, Summer & Autumn. This programme, delivered by us, will cost no more than £50 with financial support available if needed.Find out more