Our engagement programmes help young people to engage within their families, education, work, communities or environment.

The need

We understand that young people may need support and information to enable them to feel motivated to engage positively in the world and make informed decisions. Our engagement programmes assume young people are finding barriers to engagement, including gaps in their knowledge, and are in need of support to overcome them.

Our response

We support young people to engage with their families, education, work, communities and the environment. Building on what they can do and where they are at, we work with their strengths to support them to engage towards a positive future. Our approach includes creating a safe environment, with secure relationships, providing opportunities and new experiences to learn. 

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Our approach

Awareness: We support young people to become critically conscious of themselves and their situation to become aware of the barriers preventing their engagement and ability to make informed choices.

Choice: We support young people to understand their choices and the abilities they have to take control of their lives by overcoming barriers of engagement.

Action: We support young people towards taking action to engage in positive activities and make changes for themselves by becoming engaged and wanting change.

The outcomes we achieve include increased:

Increased Awareness Of Strengths And Challenges Increased Self Esteem And Confidence

Increased Awareness Of Positive And Negative Choices Behaviour And Actions Increased Awareness Of Positive And Negative Relationships And Situations

Increased Aspirations And Commitment Increased Awareness Of Resources Strategies And Services

Examples of our engagement programmes:

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation -  Our Be SAVY programme supports young people towards positive and safe relationships 

Family resilience – Our Family Resilience programme supports young people and their families to achieve positive relationships and experiences

Improving mental health - Our #FeelGood #FunctionWell programme increases mental wellbeing and resilience at times of transition, reducing the number of young people needing support for mental health problems

Our Work With Families

When families are having difficulties functioning successfully there are often social implications. In such situations it is not uncommon for members to become involved in persistent anti-social behaviour. We work with them to help them progress in terms of functioning well as a family.Find out more

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

Our Be SAVY programme supports young people towards positive and safe relationships, reducing vulnerability to sexual exploitation and improving outcomes for those participants.Find out more

Stronger Families

The Stronger Families Programme supports people who are facing challenges in being able to develop their skills, move towards the world of work and secure employment.Find out more