We inspire children and young people to make positive changes that last a lifetime.

Our programmes focus on increasing the wellbeing of young people, supporting them to feel good and function well.

We work with over 7,000 young people every year, close to their homes or on immersive residentials in the Lake District. 

Wellbeing underpins young people’s resilience, potential and future employability. By focusing on awareness of the attitudes, behaviours and skills they need, we support them to become empowered to make active choices that will benefit them and the people around them.

We work with a wide range of young people, often facing fewer opportunities in life, including those managing the transition from living in care to independence, at risk of exploitation in unhealthy relationships, needing the confidence to find work or training, or facing significant challenges in their lives.

Read the stories (and watch the videos) of some of the young people we have worked with, and view our 2018 overview to see how we continue to transform lives after more than 70 years.

Find out more about our engagement, development and leadership programmes

Joanna's story

Aspiring Leaders Programme graduate Joanna talks candidly about her troubled childhood, and how her time with Brathay helped her to focus on her strengths.Find out more

Alex's Story

Alex started living in care when he was 7. By the age of 17 he faced an uncertain future. Discover the impact Brathay's Get Real programme had in helping this young person's personal development and employment chances.Find out more

Eisha's Story

Eisha was suffering with bullying at school, her confidence was low, she had become isolated and had started self harming until she came into contact with us.Find out more

Jake's Story

Jake’s early childhood was chaotic and included domestic abuse and being moved between family members and short-term foster placements. Find out how Brathay's New Beginnings programme helped prepare him for the future.Find out more

Chelsea's Story

Follow Chelsea's journey from a background of few opportunities, her first exposure to Brathay, and subsequent experiences with us as a volunteer, peer mentor, and now as a support worker.Find out more