Francesca’s mum, Julie, was referred to our Families First programme in September 2017 via the West Yorkshire Police.

Francesca's Story

This followed several months of Julie asking for help due to Francesca’s violent outbursts towards her. The Police had witnessed some of these outbursts and knew that Family’s First could help.

Kirrin, one of our youth workers, was allocated as the family’s key worker and set about engaging with them straight away to form a good and trusting relationship with both Francesca and Julie.

When I first met Kirrin I was nervous and stubborn and didn’t want anyone working with me or my mum. Once I met Kirrin we started to get along straight away and I realised she only wanted to help us as much as she could. She was genuine, kind and I could trust her. She understood me and the things I was dealing with.


Kirrin started to work with Francesca on a 1:1 basis, meeting her both at home and at school.

She would let Julie know how the sessions were going, without betraying Francesca’s trust. This kept Julie informed of progress but maintained a strong relationship with Francesca.

Thanks to Kirrin and the sessions we had and the techniques she gave me I am much more relaxed and calm. Kirrin’s approach was non-judgemental and I wasn’t embarrassed about working with her and I felt comfortable asking for advice and help.


From the sessions Francesca really started to understand what Kirrin was talking her through. This started to improve her attitude at home and gave both her and her mum a stronger relationship.

My daughter has gone back to the loving daughter I knew she could be before her violent outbursts towards me her sister and our home. I can’t thank Kirrin and Families First enough for the support they have given me and my daughter, not only has my daughter’s behaviour changed for the better at home she is also excelling in school and on track to get some good grades in her GSCE’s this summer.

Julie, Francesca's mum

Julie has now booked a family holiday for a few month's time with Francesca and her sister, something Francesca is really looking forward to. This would not have been possible without the intervention of Kirrin and Families First.

It saved us as a family.

Julie, Francesca's mum

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