Chloe was 13 when she was referred to 3.7, had low-level anxiety, was isolated at school and needed to improve her coping strategies.

Brathay’s 3.7 programme supports children and young people to become more resilient. We work with them in groups each week, and on a residential, using fun and creative activities to encourage self-reflection and build their confidence.

Brathay staff said Chloe was very quiet at first; always in the background and apprehensive about taking part and giving her opinion. Over the course of the programme her confidence increased and she stood out as a leader.  She became more confident at giving her opinion and involving others in a democratic way. She developed her social skills and was liked by everyone in the group because of her strong moral compass and inner strength.  Chloe became aware of her own feelings and thoughts, became more confident to say how she felt and realised she could make her own decisions. 

By the end of 3.7 Chloe reported that she’d increased awareness of her strengths and increased her openness to different possibilities for the future. The things about 3.7 that made a difference were working as a team, developing understanding of others, developing trust and the teamwork activities on the residential. Brathay staff said “The change in Chloe has been very impressive and she’s changed her outlook on life“

When we caught up with Chloe three-months after 3.7 ended and asked her to reflect on her experiences she said:

I liked everyone being together and spending time to get to know each other. We understood each other’s differences and fears…there were people there I could talk to. I used to doubt people but I'm not as sceptical of people as I used to be because of how I've been treated by staff and young people.

We found out that since taking part in 3.7 she was more likely to get involved in family activities, had more confidence, more empathy, more aware of her emotions and more likely to give her opinion in class.

"I feel like I got more confident with things, I'll try more things… I think I've started taking more responsibility at home… I'm better recognising how I feel and trying to sort it because I feel I can. I think I've become better at taking part. Before the course I would just sit back and decide not to do anything…  Now I will take part…I will express my thoughts more, express my opinions and feelings. It makes me feel happy. I don't pretend to be thinking what people want me to think anymore. Now I will say when things upset me."