Step back in time in Jameson Land for two weeks camping, walking, exploring and carrying out your own field studies.

This is wilderness in the extreme – permanent daylight, uninhabited even by the Inuit people, and reachable only by helicopter. Food is rationed and some shooting skills will be needed.

What to expect

This an unique opportunity to explore and travel through a true wilderness. Jameson Land is a peninsula on the northern side of Scoresby Sound and is challenging and alien territory. The region is characterised by low hills of sedimentary rock separated by wide valleys. At its northern end the terrain becomes more mountainous with peaks up to 1200m split by steep sided valleys. Here the geology changes quite dramatically with rocks of all colours displayed in bands across the landscape. There is a rich diversity of geology, flora and fauna to observe and discover.

Because of its extreme remoteness, teamwork is key and the experience will give you ample opportunity to develop your leadership skills. You will take on more responsibilities at the journey progresses, developing an awareness of your own strengths and building your resilience. Everyone will have to play their part in decision making each day and agree camp life ground rules and objectives for the trip. There will also be an opportunity to get close to the local community in the region and to better understand the environmental and global issues affecting them.

More about the trip

This is a 14 day expedition and you travel and camp in a group of about 8 young people and 2 leaders. You will fly to Iceland as a group and from there fly out to Constable Point. Transfers to North Jameson Land are by helicopter where you will be dropped at a campsite within reach of the area's largest peaks and waterfalls.

The walking terrain will be similar to summer hill walking conditions on rugged bare rocky terrain with similar gradients to North Wales and Lake District. On occasion there may be snow patches to traverse where crampons and ice axes may be needed but no technical climbing or ice climbing as such. There'll be plenty of wet stream crossings and a small risk from bison and polar bear. You will sleep in tents with stoves in the wilderness and stay in budget hotel accommodation travelling in and out of the region.

A satellite phone is provided and all participants will be trained in the safe use of firearms and animal deterrents. Accompanying staff have relevant expedition experience and are qualified advanced first-aiders.  

Please note: For safety reasons all our routes may vary to accommodate individual abilities within the group, difficult weather conditions and the availability of accommodation.

Dates & Cost

Our next expedition is 12 July - 5 August 2020

For prices and detailed itinerary please call us on 015394 39760.

Key Outcomes:

Expedition Key Outcomes New Experience In A New Place Expedition Key Outcomes Working Together Expedition Key Outcomes Exploration Expedition Key Outcomes Supporting Yourself And Others

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