We support young people and families who are at risk of being, or are already, involved in the criminal justice system.

Supporting Young Children and Families

We help them develop the self-awareness, skills and relationships needed to adopt positive behaviours, which reduces anti-social or offending behaviour.

If you work with young offenders and/or those at risk of entering the criminal justice system we'd love the chance to show you how our focussed personal development and self-awareness programmes can meet the needs of these young people and have a significant impact on the numbers of them entering custody, breaching orders and re-offending.

The young people have really enjoyed the sessions. The content has been really interactive and informative at the same time. There has been clear evidence of them valuing and processing the information they have been given.

Youth Offending Team worker

On one of our recent programmes an impressive 66% of participants did not re-offend. This compares favourably to the year prior to our intervention, when 75% of young offenders reoffended within twelve months of a custodial sentence.

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