We have volunteering opportunities in Ambleside or Bradford, or in your own home!

We'd love to hear from you if you:

  • Can give a few hours or occasional days
  • Would like to give a regular commitment
  • Are interested in volunteering through work – we have practical tasks that you and your colleagues could tackle together

We have a full programme of events and are always looking for volunteers to help us make them a success. Here are some of the ways you could get involved:

Become a Challenge Events Team volunteer

Support our running, cycling, rowing and walking events by becoming a challenge events volunteer. Lend a helping hand at the inspiring ASICS Windermere Marathon by volunteering on a refreshment station or as a marshal. Be part of the support crew during our epic RowRunner event or or support walkers on our Cross Bay Walk.

There are lots of opportunities available all year round.

Head over to our Challenges website to find out more and to get in touch - click here!

Volunteers At The Asics Windermere Marathon Refreshment Station At The Asics Windermere Marathon

Collection box volunteers

We have collection boxes placed in local businesses, all managed by volunteers. Just find a busy shop or business in your local community and see if they’d be prepared to host one of our boxes. A well placed collection box can generate £400 a year.

Office tasks, research and marketing

Put your skills to good use or learn new ones while volunteering in one of our offices or from home.

Gardening and decorating

At our residential centres in the Lake District and community centre in Bradford there are always tasks to be done to keep them looking fresh and welcoming.

Group volunteering

Whether you have a team of three or 30, we can find a project to suit you.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award volunteering

We’ve got lots of opportunities for young people undertaking their gold Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) award to volunteer and make a valuable contribution to our charitable work.

Opportunities exist all around our Ambleside site to help our estates or hospitality teams. Find out more about DofE Gold Award volunteering here

Volunteer Case Study - George Grange

George has volunteered for Brathay for around a day per week between March and June 2017.

George Grange, volunteer with Brathay

Name: George Grange

About You: I’m an artist, have worked in both formal and informal education. I live in South Lakeland, have a family and lots of different interests. I also work for the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal part-time.

What motivated you to volunteer for Brathay Trust?  I read about Brathay and thought it seemed a great organisation and their work was interesting. I happened to have a day a week free for the next four months and thought I might be able to help Brathay and learn some new skills. 

What have you been doing for Brathay?

I’ve been putting together a fundraising pack which included research and then writing and designing the contents using a design software package. While I was volunteering an opportunity came up to use my art skills to design a new medal for the Windermere marathon.

What have you enjoyed about volunteering?

The project made use of my skills but I also learned some new ones and brushed up my knowledge. Its’ been fun and I’ve felt well-supported in a friendly, helpful office. It’s also been great to work on two self-contained projects which I’ve been able to start and then see through to the end.

Volunteer Case Study - Iona Golby

Iona has volunteered for Brathay’s Marketing and Fundraising departments for around two days per week between July and August 2017.

Iona Golby, volunteer with Brathay

Name: Iona Golby

About You: I’m a second year Philosophy student from Durham University. I live near Keswick with my parents, and really enjoy walking, cycling, and rock climbing. I also work at YHA Langdale three days a week.

What motivated you to volunteer for Brathay Trust? I found I had some free time over the summer and wanted to gain some office experience with a local charity, preferably a children’s charity. I heard about Brathay’s amazing work with children and young people through a friend and thought it sounded like a great organisation to volunteer with.

What have you been doing for Brathay? I have been set a wide variety of tasks and mini projects whilst at Brathay, from making up fundraising packs and sorting donation boxes to trying not to break the paper shredder! Perhaps the most interesting task I was set was to sort through donations given to the charity and attempt to sell them. Donations ranged from outdoor equipment to children’s story books to limited edition prints.  

What have you enjoyed about volunteering? I can’t think of a better place to have gained my first office experience- the staff at Brathay have been so friendly and helpful! One task I particularly enjoyed was a research task concerning donor stewardship, a topic I knew little about beforehand. I was able to expand my own knowledge by researching other charities’ methods for donor stewardship, and then make suggestions as to how Brathay could improve its own methods.

Q & A with Gabi Lipska Badoti, from Lancaster University Students’ Union

On practically every day of the year Brathay’s lawns and grounds are filled with purposeful activity. From athletes crossing a picture-perfect finish line to corporate leadership teams and teenagers on journeys of self-discovery.

We speak to Gabi Lipska Badoti, from Lancaster University Students’ Union, about her experience of bringing students to Brathay for a day of well-being, mindfulness activities and volunteering.

Gabi Lipska Badoti

Why did you choose Brathay?

“We have had positive experiences with Brathay in the past, in different capacities, so we knew of your ethos and the work you do. We had a list of things we wanted from a location for our student volunteering away days. It had to be in a lovely location so our students could de-stress, unwind and re-wild away from life on campus and exams. We also wanted someone who works with young people and can offer meaningful volunteering experience, high quality support, and who shared our ethos and values when it comes to promoting student empowerment, respect and sharing. Brathay ticked all those boxes.”

How did the format of the day help the students?

“We are very keen on supporting students’ wellbeing and making them feel they belong. We have a good mix of UK and international students and it’s important to us that they connect and form friendships. A day like this is an opportunity for students to be involved in issues that are bigger than self, being and doing things together, relaxing and getting a fresh perspective on life while being out in the nature, something they don’t have the opportunity to do while living on campus. The volunteering activities offered students a unique time to be themselves and engage authentically with each other. Mixing circle work with volunteering really helped to achieve this.

“We also love Brathay’s light touch approach. We could explore the estate, stroll to the lake, let students choose the type of volunteering activity they wanted to do. Brathay staff were open, sharing their experiences and stories, which meant the students could see beyond academic life. And that they are free to make choices, and that it is not scary or overwhelming. The volunteering opportunities allow students to test their capacities and interests. It helps them build their confidence and resilience and think about what sort of jobs they may want to do in the future.”

Who was involved, ages and types of students?

“There were 16 students, mainly UK and Chinese, from different departments and study years.”

What did you do?

“After an early start, with tea and coffee waiting for us, we spent two hours with a tai chi master and inner development trainer Chris Shaw. Brathay provided a lovely lunch, after which we walked to the lake and spent the afternoon combining circle work and relaxation techniques, with gardening duties. We were told that a group of children were arriving so we were glad our work would help welcome them. And we took masses of photos.”

Please click here to contact our volunteering team or phone Rebecca on tel: 015394 39749