Angie Lewis left her home in North Wales age 20 to come and work for us at Brathay Hall. It was a brave adventure for her and one that she now remembers as the best years of her life!

I came to Brathay on a Princess Trust course from North Wales and part of that was a week at Brathay and while I was there I got talking to someone who worked there and they told me that they worked and lived there on-site. I liked the idea of that and asked if I could fill in an application in case a domestic job came up in the future. I was taken to the head of housekeeping and filled in a form and handed it in and then forgot all about it!

I totally fell in love with Brathay that week and could only dream about working in a place that beautiful so I left at the end of the week and went home to north Wales and didn't think I would hear back from Brathay again.. then a week later a letter dropped through my letterbox postmark Ambleside... I opened it and it was the head housekeeper offering me a job at Brathay and in less than two weeks I was heading for the train station! I was just 20 years old and leaving home for the first time, terrified and getting on a train heading for the Lake District. I ended up living and working at Brathay Hall for over 6 years and they were the best days of my life. I will always carry Brathay in my heart. Always...
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