Brathay is 75 this year! We can't celebrate face-to-face, so we're marking it digitally with #75 Stories to Tell - inspiring tales from those who's lives have been affected by Brathay.

Everyone's stories will be posted on social media and published below as they come in.

So if you have a Brathay story to tell then we want to hear from you! 

Get Involved!
  • Follow the campaign on our social media pages and like, retweet and reply to us, using #75StoriestoTell Tell others about the campaign too!
  • Share your story - You can tell your story in words, or we can interview and film you, or better still, you can film yourself talking to camera and send us the film to use. Films should be no longer than 60 seconds and we can provide you with a quick easy guide to self-filming if this is something new to you.

Just tell us who you are, what your connection to Brathay is, and how Brathay has changed your life. It need only be a small change, like leading you to new job; finding more self-confidence or climbing a mountain for the first time – whatever your story, we want you to join in our celebration!

You can send your video via to Sophie's email here. Or better still, just post to social media using #75StoriestoTell.

With your permission, we will publish your story alongside others on our website on this page and on social media over the course of 2021.

We hope you are as excited as we are about collating 75 unique stories to mark 75 successful years!

Read their stories:

49. Alan Tyldesley

Alan found his love for the great outdoors at a Brathay residential in the early '70s. It sent him and his wife all over the world and now he's saying thank you by volunteering on site. Find out more

48. Phil Sharples

A stay at Brathay nearly half a century ago was to plant the seed of change for the rest of Phil Sharples' life.Find out more

42 - 47. Aspiring Leaders Programme

Hear from a group of recent graduates of our Aspiring Leaders Programme - a pioneering and totally unique degree course that inspires and empowers participants to be the best they can be.Find out more

41. Roger Kaye

Helping us to break that half way point and more is Roger Kaye, one of several keen cyclists who kindly raise money for us by peddling like crazy around Windermere 10 times - that's 262 within 24 hours!Find out more

40. William

Meet William - a boy who does wonders living with Autism and the youngest participant so far in our 75 Stories to tell!Find out more

39. Jenny Rhodes

Jenny Rhodes is our very own in-house star apprentice - not just progressing her own career but enjoying the opportunity to give something back to the wider community.Find out more

38. Andrez Harriott, The Liminality Group

If you're wondering how a visit to Brathay can start to turn troubled inner-city lives around, then listen to these guys - truly inspirational!Find out more

37. Siobhan Miles-Moore

Our artist in residence Siobhan Miles-Moore has a very personal reason for wanting to work with us at Brathay. Find out more

36. Rachel

When Rachel was struggling to raise her young children she turned to Brathay for help. We must have done something right, because she describes her Brathay keyworker as 'superwoman'!Find out more

35. Laura

Living in a temporary refuge as a child left Laura with low self-confidence, until Brathay’s ‘Get Real’ employability project gave her hope and some much-needed self-belief.Find out more

34. Geoff Hornby

Climber and adventurer Geoff Hornby will always be grateful to Brathay for pointing him in the direction of some massive hills! He tells us the story. Find out more

33. Nadia

When an abusive relationship forced Nadia to escape to a new area she needed our help settling in.Find out more

32. Stephanie & Dom

Well-known family-run bakery business has been giving staff some precious time-out at Brathay for the last six years. Find out more

31. Angie Lewis

Angie Lewis left her home in North Wales age 20 to come and work for us at Brathay Hall. It was a brave adventure for her and one that she now remembers as the best years of her life!Find out more

30. Luke

For depressed and homeless youngsters like Luke, a Brathay programme can be a much-needed lifesaver.Find out more

29. Daniel

It was a Prince's Trust programme run in partnership with Brathay that finally got Daniel the practical and emotional support he so desperately needed.Find out more

28. Michaela

We met Michaela at a time when she was being so badly bullied at school the police had got involved.Find out more

27. Chloe

Mental health issues are increasingly affecting young people, even before they fully understand or even recognise their own symptoms. Chloe's Brathay story began when she was only 13. Find out more

26. Joss Naylor

Joss Naylor MBE is not only a fell-running legend, he's also a lifelong supporter of our charity work. Here's why.Find out more

25. Callum

The death of his beloved Nan left 14-year-old Callum bereft and unable to cope - until a Brathay bereavement programme got him back on his feet. He tells his story.Find out more

24. Francesca

When Francesca was first referred to Brathay she was prone to violence and aggressive outbursts, especially towards her own mum. Here's her story. Find out more

23. Elishia

Elishia came into contact with us as a troubled teenager in Bradford. She was encouraged to join our community programmes and has gone on to do some amazing things she never thought possible.Find out more

22. Keenene

Keenene began life as his Mum’s carer before going into care. Brathay keyworkers helped him to turn his life around and he's now inspiring others to make positive changes in their lives too.Find out more

21. Neil Braithwaite

We'll always be grateful for the contribution Neil Brathwaite has made as a valuable and proactive trustee - yet here he is, thanking Brathay for what the charity has taught him!Find out more

20. Wayne Singleton

Wayne Singleton has been the MC on the finish line of our annual Windermere marathon for the last 6 years. He does it, he says, because he loves being involved in such an amazing and inspirational day!Find out more

19. Caroline Holmes

Caroline Holmes describes Brathay as the safety net that caught her when her and her son were falling. Find out more

18. Noah

Read Noah's story, a heartfelt reminder of why we are here as a charity and the very need for offering life-saving support to young people and families in real need. Find out more

17. David Procter

Meet Dave Procter, one of our Friends of Brathay, whose love of the Lakes as a place where people truly find themselves has led him to us and our mission to give young people the chances they deserve. Find out more

16. Graham Dewar

By raising funds for us running 10 marathons in 10 days, Graham Dewar never expected to make so many firm friends. Find out more

15. Paul Dowie

Paul Dowie learnt some valuable business know-how on one of our acclaimed professional development courses. Years later an in a more senior position, he still uses the vital skills he learnt.Find out more

14. Maurice Dybeck

Read our 14th story from Maurice Dybeck, resident archivist and expert on our history, who’s been involved with Brathay for 69 of its 75 long years!Find out more

13. Chris Heaton

Number thirteen needn't be unlucky, as our 13th tale former Trustee and Treasurer, Chris Heaton, testifies. Thank you Chris for your kind words and constant support. Find out more

12. Chris Batten

Chris Batten has a long association with Brathay as a former director, funder and client. He continues to feel inspired by us, even in retirement.Find out more

11. Ferhaz Alam

Hear from our colleague Ferhaz Alam how an outdoor residential at Brathay got him thinking more about others and less about himself. He is now a responsible young adult who looks to inspire others in the way that Brathay first inspired him.Find out more

10. Michelle Woodcock

Michelle Woodcock, Lakeland vicar and part-time teacher, shares her motivation behind the mental, physical and fundraising challenges of being a Brathay 10in10 athlete.Find out more

9. Rob Turner

In 1978, Rob Turner participated in a 'Managers in Action' course, after his employer recognised a lack of self-confidence. 43 years on, he describes his Brathay experience as the most challenging, stimulating and practically useful training he's ever attended!Find out more

7. Hilary Ridgway

Hilary Ridway began running by training to take part in our annual Windermere marathon. She’s now an ultra-athlete and encourages others to find the same hidden strength that she found through Brathay.Find out more

6. Joanna Coleman

Our Aspiring Leaders programme gave Joanna Coleman the focus she needed to move on from a difficult childhood. She is now one of our trustees and a valued member of the Brathay community.Find out more

5. Sir Christopher Ball

Without Sir Christopher Ball we would never have started our 10in10 marathon event and raised over £1million for our charity. And yet he’s thanking us for being a ‘haven of kindness and good sense’. Find out more

4. Jess Tizzard

Mum Jess says Brathay has been her second family over the years, supporting her through difficult times by lending an ear and offering practical support. Now it’s her turn to give something back.Find out more

3. Roy Broad

Roy Broad is a keen yachtsman, motorcyclist and volunteer with the RNLI. He thanks Brathay for pointing him in the right direction.Find out more

2. Marc Pate

Trustee Marc Pate had a life-changing moment at Brathay when, as a young stonemason apprentice, he came for development training as part of the WorldSkills UK squad.Find out more

1. Liz Heyworth

Huge thanks to Liz for celebrating with us by being the first of our ‘75 Stories to Tell’ – a project that aims to post 75 stories during 2021 from those who’s lives have been impacted by Brathay.Find out more