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You can’t visit the lakes
without a little adventure

As the name suggests, our 'Add Adventure' packages are is designed to add a few thrills and spills to your staycation at Brathay.
All our visitors are invited to book exciting one-off activities in advance of their stay.

Whatever you choose, qualified instruction and specialist equipment is provided and the session will be tailored to suit your own experience.

  • Full day sessions usually run 9am – 5pm.
    A full day session allows you to select 2-3 activities of your choice from the below options.
  • Half day sessions from 9am - 12 midday, or 1pm – 4pm.
    The half-day session includes one activity.

Lake-based canoeing or kayaking

Head out onto Windermere from our sheltered bay and boathouse onboard our canoes (open-topped, good for long journeys and can take several people for some family or group fun) or kayaks (where you sit in a single person cockpit and power yourself with a double ended paddle).


(Minimum of 12 people.) Climb onboard our beautiful, vintage, whalers, and take these large (24ft) rowing boats out for a relaxing row, race some rivals or complete the lake clue find – an orienteering course on Windermere.

Ropes courses

Lots of different challenges to try - most of them high in the air, but with options for those who like to be closer to the ground!
Climbing wall: There are 2 sides to our outdoor climbing wall, with one slightly steeper, so a little more challenging!

Your safety rope can be looked after by other members of your group under our supervision, so that everyone is involved in each other’s success.

High and low challenge courses: Up in the sky, you can attempt to cross a suspended walkway, pull yourself along on a skate, or get through the suspended tube on our aerial obstacle course. Or try out the Mohawk Walk - a team balancing activity where you attempt to cross cables close to the ground… without touching it.

Zip wire

You will be harnessed and helmeted up, clipped onto a big wire cable and zip down it, across a natural valley. You will then lower yourself to the ground with the help of other group members and our staff. Fast and fun!

Tree abseil: Head for heights? Clip in to a safety rope and climb up 4 ladders attached to a tree. At the top of the last ladder, step on to a platform where you will be greeted by our technician. Descend from the platform by abseiling (controlled sliding) down a rope which you control. The technician controls your safety rope.

Leap of faith

Adrenaline junkie? This one's for you!

Climb up a ladder and staples on a telegraph pole, before balancing on the top. Your safety rope will be looked after by members of your group as you then leap through the air to try and touch a suspended ball.

High Vs: Get two members of your group to walk along ever widening tightropes at height, supporting each other to go as far as you can! A real teamwork challenge where you need to put your faith in your partner.

Beginner's hill walk

Enjoy a guided walk in the local area, with the opportunity to take in some special Lake District beauty and stunning views for a couple of hours, on some of our less-challenging hills and fells.

Intermediate Hill/Fell Walk

(Full day session only.) Up for a bigger challenge? Get your boots on, and let us guide you on a longer walk, taking in some of our steeper and more adventurous routes for a bit of altitude and breathtaking views from the Lake District's famous mountains.

Bush craft / fire lighting

Learn some new survival skills from our expert tutors, including finding out how to light a fire when you've got no matches.

Voyageur canoeing

(Minimum of 6 people.) Our fantastic voyageur canoes can seat up to 13 people. Head onto Windermere and work as a team to power yourselves around the lake, taking in the beauty of the surrounding area from your unique viewpoint at water-level.

Problem solving exercises

Want to exercise your brain too? With activities such as blindfold skipping, bridge the gap, centipede, eggspectation, group juggling, keypad, orienteering and pipeline, you can do just that.

There's plenty of fun to be had as you work as a team to help each other with a mix of mental and physical challenges to test your planning and communication skills to the full.

Ghyll Scrambling

(Full day session only + surcharge for additional travel.) We can sort you out with all the waterproof gear you'll need, then whisk you offsite to a nearby ghyll, where you can enjoy the challenge of making your way up a rocky river ravine, stand under waterfalls and even jump into a plunge pool.

Cold, wet and exhilarating!

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