Here at the Brathay Research Hub we’re committed to offering our experience to other learning and development organisations.

Our aim is to work in partnership towards collective understanding, sector development, and evidencing the impact of any work to transform lives. Our internal work affords us an empathy with other organisations whilst maintaining an independent offer. We pride ourselves on this empathy and understanding and feel it is something that other research, evaluation and training providers may not have. Wherever possible we seek funding to support our partners in engaging with this commitment. 

We offer the following services:

Training and Practice Development

We use our research experience to inform training and practice development. We combine knowledge of current practice with up to date literature, legislation and policy to provide a holistic training model. This is always experiential so participants can apply it to their own context and reflect and develop their practice.Find out more


We provide an independent evaluation service focusing on process as well as outcome evaluation using a theory of change framework. This not only allows us to show the impact of the project, but how this impact contributes to more distal outcomes for the participants and wider societal outcomes.Find out more

Commission Bespoke Research

We specialise in offering a participatory approach that is creative, person centered and engaging for those marginalised and harder to engage.Find out more


We can support organisations and projects in research and evaluation, advising how to better understand, demonstrate the impact and evidence practice.Find out more