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Evaluation Practice for Projects with Young People

Our recent publications include:

Evaluation Practice for Projects with Young People: A Guide to Creative Research (2015). Stuart, K., Maynard, L. and Rouncefield C. London, Sage publications. 


This is an excellent text which challenges the traditional notion of research as a highbrow, pseudo-scientific activity by intellectuals. It is full of creative and practical ideas for evaluating projects and giving a voice to lots of very clever, but rarely heard, young people.

Annette Rimmer, Applied Community and Youth Work, University of Manchester

This is a vital text, that presents a compelling narrative about the importance of evaluation in youth work practice, and as a youth work tool. It is thorough and detailed, but always accessible; never shying away from challenges but meeting them with optimism. It deftly weaves together theory and practice, and feels above all very alive - full of insight, enquiry and experience.

Bethia McNeil, Centre for Youth Impact

Non-formal youth development and its impact on young people’s lives: Case study – Brathay Trust, UK (2015). Stuart, K. and Maynard, L. Italian Journal of Sociology of Education. You can access this journal You can access this journal here.