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Time to give your people
some vital TLC?

The pandemic continues to leave employees dogged by absence, depleted resources, stress and exhaustion.

Our response is to offer bespoke wellbeing programmes providing your employees the time to decompress; the opportunity to re-connect with your organisation's purpose and performance, and the support they need to re-energise; equipping them to deliver at pace, even when faced with the most difficult situations.

We deliver wellbeing workshops remotely from our own dedicated digital suite, or face-to-face in small, safe groups, or a combination of the two.

Our wellbeing programmes are creative and engaging; delivered in a way that allows individuals to connect through meaningful conversations and learn tools and techniques that can make a difference to their lives.

Deborah Hepple, Head of Organisation Development

Brathay’s unique and timely approach to wellbeing has been well received; described as lifesaving, informative and fun. And there's always the option of coming to us. There is no better place than Brathay to stand back, unwind, reflect and re-connect.

To find out more, use Request a Call opposite, select People Development and we’ll be back in touch.

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has hit our
young people hard

Covid has had an adverse effect on all our lives, but more so for young people, isolated and without the security of employment, family support, good health, or even hope. Our resilience and wellbeing programmes are lifesavers for many.

Brathay is 75!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.