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Wellbeing in the workplace
And beyond

In this rapidly-changing world employees are feeling dogged by absence, depleted resources, stress and exhaustion.

Our response is to offer tailored wellbeing programmes providing your employees the time to decompress; the opportunity to re-connect with your organisation's purpose and performance, and the support they need to re-energise; equipping them to deliver at pace, even when faced with the most difficult situations.

How we can help improve wellbeing at your workplace

We can deliver wellbeing workshops remotely from our own dedicated digital suite, or face-to-face in small, safe groups, or a combination of the two.

Brathay’s unique and timely approach to wellbeing has been well received; described as lifesaving, informative and fun. And there's always the option of coming to us. There is no better place than Brathay to stand back, unwind, reflect and re-connect.

Expect to see results:

  • Increased morale, leading to a more positive workplace culture
  • Reduced levels of stress leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement
  • Increased resilience and ability to cope with challenges and change
  • Improved work-life balance leading to reduced turnover
  • Improved wellness reducing absenteeism
  • Increased productivity due to better physical and mental health

Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and has been for over 75 years.

We know that when people feel good, they function well so our team of expert facilitators use their skills to help people, teams, and organisations to identify the tools and techniques best suited to help them perform at their peak, make a difference and achieve their aims both personally and professionally.

Frank Clayton, Head of People Development at Brathay

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