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It's about togetherness,
Clarity of purpose and employee wellbeing

When clients first meet us they don’t always know what sort of learning or development they need. It may be that there’s an issue that needs resolving – such as falling sales figures, underperforming staff, apprentices in need of accelerated development, a tricky organisational re-structure, poor team morale, or simply insufficient resources to develop employees in-house. Talk to us and we can advise on the best people and organisational development solutions for you.

We focus on:

  • Your business structure, objectives, work ethic and values and employee dynamics
  • Your people, the relationships between them and their collective wellbeing
  • Your required targets and outcomes
  • Your desired measure for success and takeaway actions


Today’s competitive and challenging environment demands that companies drive and develop their human resource.

It means leaders who can flex and adapt; robust staff who are positive and responsible, and a culture of open engagement among employees, customers, suppliers, partners and communities.

Brathay provides the perfect environment and professional people development structure for individuals of all levels and experience to step back, reflect, develop and enhance their contribution to your future success.

Learning is likely to involve a mix of our innovative style of digital delivery, some sessions on your own premises and visits to Brathay for immersive and challenging residentials.

Expect to see results:

For leaders:

  • Alignment with your latest strategic direction
  • Building the ability to influence and engage
  • Creating the capacity to lead successful change
  • Developing authentic leadership, through increased self-awareness
  • Accelerating the transition from management to leadership
  • Understanding the impact of the leadership shadow
  • Developing individual leadership effectiveness
  • Accelerating performance of your leadership teams

For teams:

  • Alignment with your latest strategic direction
  • Stronger coherent teams with shared purpose
  • Greater self-awareness and appreciation of others
  • Increased trust and empathy
  • Empowered individuals willing to contribute to the team
  • More creative thinking and reflection
  • Expansive thinking that challenges assumptions
  • More positivity and optimism for the future

For organisations:

  • An impactful, cohesive leadership approach
  • Change delivered in a way that reflects the organisation’s style and values
  • A clear communication strategy
  • A genuine exploration and understanding of company values
  • Acknowledgement of new behaviours required to progress
  • Robust, ethical decision-makers at all levels
  • Staff teams with greater engagement, insight and improved wellbeing
  • Senior leaders with shared vision and direction

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