apprentice doing problem solving activity at Brathay outdoors

Our Core Approach
will unlock your potential

To stay competitive in this rapidly changing business world, organisations need to invest in their most valuable asset: their people.

Our people development programmes are designed to help individuals and organisations build the skills, knowledge, and positive mindsets to thrive in the current business environment and beyond. We focus on providing opportunities that help people to explore and cultivate their strengths, passions and sense of purpose, as well as building resilience to confidently navigate any challenge.

Influencing transformation through our impactful models of change

Our core approach is a dynamic blend of learning opportunities designed to include everyone. By utilising a variety of tools and techniques, we strive to foster growth and development among all participants.

With over 75 years of experience in experiential learning, we have honed our approach to offer participants hands-on experiences that encourage them to experiment and reflect on outcomes outside of the workplace. By following this approach, our participants gain crucial skills that can be applied back in their workplace.

We take time to build rapport and trust

we work to create pschological safety

we embrace and celebrate difference

we always check-in ensuring everyone is on track

And, at the heart of our approach is the empowerment model, know as awareness, choice, action (Maynard and Stewart 2018) - this model's research originated from Brathay's community work. Simply put, we equip participants with the necessary tools and support to have full autonomy over how far they wish to stretch themselves and embrace challenges within the programme.

Who said it's all work and no play

We believe that having fun is not just a perk but a crucial ingredient for success. Why? Because fun creates memorable experiences and promotes overall wellbeing. But don't be fooled — our programmes are also designed to provide practical, tangible benefits that directly impact the workplace. In fact, our approach in a proven formula for achieving positive lasting change. Ready to join the fun and transform your team?

We always evaluate

We understand that effective programmes require a deep understanding of the needs and goals of the organisation and its people. That's why we collaborate with our clients to design programmes that meet their specific objectives and deliver measurable results.

Throughout the programme, we regularly check in with participants to ensure they're engaged and to track their progress towards our jointly agreed objectives.

We don't stop evaluating when the programme ends. We work closely with clients to ensure that the learnings are transferred back into the workplace and beyond. Overall, our approach is designed to deliver lasting results that make a positive impact on individuals, organisations and communities.

Support your own people
and you also help to
support others

Brathay is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the life chances of vulnerable young people. By investing in your staff you’re also helping to fund programmes that enable those less fortunate to make better life choices to achieve success.