Emerging Talent
Investing in the Future

Developing the potential of your emerging talent is crucial to building a successful workforce for the future.

You need responsive, emotionally intelligent employees who know how to think and act quickly when required. Our tailored programmes build on existing knowledge, skills and behaviours equipping apprentices, graduates and new employees to be confident and engaged high performers who will add value to your organisation.

What we do for emerging talent

Our expert facilitators will support and challenge your employees, both individually and as teams, developing their knowledge and interpersonal skills, alongside positive attitudes and behaviours that can easily be transferred back to work.

We ask individuals to take responsibility for their own performance and progress, thereby raising their aspirations and self-worth in a safe and supportive learning space.

As a registered training sub-contractor with 75 years of history rooted in developing emerging talent, we offer extensive experience in the field. We've worked with organisations of all sizes and can support your emerging talent in every way possible.

Expect to see results:

  • Faster development of crucial leadership skills
  • Improved engagement and motivation
  • Higher productivity and better job performance
  • Enhanced collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the organisation
  • Further develop a diverse group of high performing employees
  • Faster development of crucial workplace skills
  • Increased retention of high-potential employees
  • Stronger employee advocacy for your organisation to attract top talent

We also run our Aspiring Leaders Programme, a fully-funded degree apprenticeship that promotes leadership in the third sector. We're recruiting for our 5th cohort to begin in September 2024. Click to learn more about the Aspiring Leaders Programme.

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