Getting best value
from your emerging talent?

Developing the potential of your most promising individuals is the surest way to put you in a stronger position commercially.

You need responsive, intelligent workers who know how to think and act quickly when required. Our tailored programmes build on existing knowledge and skills, equipping employees from apprentices, graduates, supervisors, and first line and middle managers to be confident and engaged high performers who will add value to your organisation. We develop individuals to become more adaptive, resourceful, and effective in their role.

Our expert facilitators will support and challenge your staff, both individually and as teams, developing their innate business and interpersonal skills alongside positive attitudes and behaviours that can easily be transferred back to work gaining maximum potential return on your investment.

We ask individuals to take responsibility for their own performance and progress, thereby raising their aspirations and self-worth in a safe and supportive learning space.

To discuss how we can best develop your in-house talent, use Request a Call opposite, select People Development and we’ll be back in touch.

Brilliant experience with an opportunity to reflect on my impact. There was some great facilitation and plenty of actions that I’m looking forward to taking back to work.

Telefonica graduate

Catch a Glimpse

It makes good business sense for Siemens Energy to bring their promising employees to Brathay.

Your investment in us extends our reach to those without work, direction or hope.

The profit from our professional people development services is directed into our charity work across the North of England. Even in the most difficult and distressing situations we see young people building resilience, acquiring new skills and becoming more positive.

Brathay is 75!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.