XL Vets: Inspiring Leaders
Through Experiential Learning

Vets in successful practices need more to their skill set than just hands-on animal care and a knowledge of veterinary medicine. With more than 60% of households now owning pets, effective leadership and teamwork are also key to success.

Hear how we’ve worked with XL Vets, a partnership spanning 7 years, to develop and equip their leaders to cope with their own challenges, including unprecedented growth.

I was suitably challenged by the programme and got some valuable insights into my leadership. It has provided me with skills and knowledge that will positively impact me in day-to-day life.

XL Vets were looking for a programme that would provide their veterinary leaders with opportunities to think objectively about their leadership style and challenges.

Taking time to step back and reflect allowed space for increased self-awareness and confidence, while learning new leadership skills and approaches.

A further objective was for the group to come together in order to evolve as an on-going supportive network for sharing best practice.

Importantly, the programme needed to be based on researched theory and models and brought to life in an insightful, engaging and memorable way.

Building on our successful past collaborations with XL Vets, we developed a tailored 48-hour programme designed around three core elements.

  • Self Awareness

Participants learnt how to 'tune in' to themselves, whilst making a positive impact on others. This was achieved by:

  • Stretching themselves in a healthy and positive way
  • Exploring emotional intelligence
  • Silent walks
  • Reflective journalling
  • 360º feedback
  • Johari window
  • Confidence boosting challenges (high rope activities)
  • Leadership

"What does leadership mean for you?"

Participants explored when, where and how leadership can be used to get the best from their team. We brought this to life through:

  • Indoor and outdoor problem solving challenges
  • Exploring different leadership approaches
  • Unpicking 'responsibility vs. accountability'
  • Developing Teams

Participants learnt the importance of effective communication and healthy working relationships, through:

  • Playing with Lego® (that's right - play!)
  • Transactional analysis
  • Team challenges
  • Action Learning Sets (ALS)

Participant Rating: 4.9/5

90% of participants say they have seen an improvement in their wellbeing.

There were moments of semi-epiphany, providing me with clear actions for improvement.

Client Feedback

Brathay gets people thinking. It is one of the many reasons we've always enjoyed working with them. Their commitment to the experiential learning model is a critical element that enhances the value we gain from working with Brathay.

Andrew Curwen, Chief Executive, XL Vets

Behind The Scenes: Moments From The Programme

I'm now wondering if I might be the problem?

Moments such as this allow the programme to flex. Our unique approach to learning unlocks new perspectives, and this moment stood out as a true example of that. For one of the participants to be open, to consider and share this with the group was a brave move — it landed well. And, the course director knew exactly how to use it to move the conversation to a whole new level.

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