Developing apprentices in the right way
brings lasting added value to your business

We work in partnership with employers and training providers to deliver apprentice development programmes to help future-proof your business whilst bringing a little bit of magic to the day-to-day workplace.

Our clients call this added value. We call it the ‘Brathay effect’.

We focus on:

  • Level 3 Leadership & Management, acting as lead provider to equip new and first-line managers with the skills they need to lead their teams effectively and applicable to a variety of roles in industry, business and commerce. Our specialism is personal development within the context of the workplace, and we offer exciting and exacting programmes that instill resilience and emotional intelligence in the most aspirant leaders.
  • Bespoke apprenticeship ‘enhancements’, an invaluable and unique dimension to any work-based training, ideal for team building or as new recruit inductions and often incorporating immersive residentials at our Lake District centre where indoor and outdoor challenges, interpersonal activities, self-evaluation and discussion are utilised to ensure that everything learnt is transferable back to the workplace.
  • Behaviours modules – using our expertise in personal development to design and deliver Behaviours modules, a mandatory requirement of any apprenticeship qualification and eligible for Levy funding.


We aim to get an understanding of an employer’s culture, values and current training provision. From there, any programme becomes entirely ‘person-centred’ ensuring that participants are inspired to apply their skills and knowledge in their role whilst gaining a better understanding of how to manage themselves in a mature and reflective way. Learning targets are set and monitored by the apprentices themselves.

All our apprentice coaching and facilitation is based on experiential learning – so much so that even are digital delivery is uniquely animated and interactive. We know from client feedback that our impact contributes significantly to the success of every individual, their mentor and the organisation as a whole.

Expect to see results:

  • More self-confidence, individually and in teams
  • Positive in their outlook with more critical thinking
  • Able to evaluate performance
  • Actively engaged in the learning process
  • Safety conscious and risk aware
  • Creative, innovative and adaptable
  • Organisationally aligned to your values and mission
  • Effective communicators and team workers
  • More punctual and resourceful with their time
  • Emotionally invested in the future of your business
  • More self-aware and reflective of their own impact
  • Competent inter-personal skills relevant to their role

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