Wondering how best to
get your people re-aligned?

If the challenge of remote working has slowed productivity, reduced clarity of purpose, caused conflict, or damaged morale, then now is the time to get your teams back on track.

We can work with you face-to-face in your workplace, digitally, or during residential programmes at our breathtaking lakeside site near Ambleside – or a combination of all three.

However you would like us to deliver, our interactive approach to learning cuts to the chase; re-aligning employees, not just with one another, but with your mid and long-term business objectives and core values; developing leadership and organisational capability, and identifying and launching key projects to support and embed sustainable change.

At Brathay we believe in the power of personal transformation to achieve collaborative working in high performing teams.

We help diverse teams to discover and build on their inner resilience, sense of wellbeing and passion for the job they do. And we do this across the piece – from senior leadership teams, to departmental, customer and supplier teams; special project teams, and those involved in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

The Brathay team enables change by challenging senior leaders and their teams in a safe space and in such a way that they leave the better for it. I have seen the difference they can make. They help you make those big step changes in a sustainable way.

David Bryson, Chief Operating Officer, Uniper SE

Catch a Glimpse

Staff at Gloucestershire County Council re-discovered their mojo during one of our leadership, team and personal development programmes.

Support your own people
and you also help to
support others

Brathay is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the life chances of vulnerable young people. By investing in your staff you’re also helping to fund programmes that enable those less fortunate to make better life choices to achieve success.

Brathay is 75 this year!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.