smiling participant on wellbeing course at Brathay

Still wondering
if Brathay is right for you?

Our clients say that it’s the quality of our facilitation that truly sets us apart.

We have a long history of creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, enabling individuals to speak openly and share their ideas and concerns. We achieve this through powerful learning experiences that break down barriers; shift deep-rooted negative mindsets and encourage creative thinking about your business and the challenges you face.

We also continually commit to improving our offer and use a rigorous research and evaluation process as a way of ‘proving and improving’ all our consultancy and training services.

Your success is our success too, and we want always to ensure that our programmes remain relevant and effective for your people over time.

The feedback data we collect can be measured against your expectations and desired outcomes and can track the impact of any learning long after a programme has been delivered.

This makes us more than just a standard learning and development provider. We are your trusted advisor too.

Brathay was the partner and catalyst behind our 3-year ‘Accelerate’ business improvement and employee engagement programme. 130 business leaders took part and without the skillful interventions and the unique experience Brathay brought we would not have achieved the success that we did.

Alan Paterson, Operations Director, Bibby Distribution

Catch a Glimpse

Watch this short video to see why some of our longest-standing clients regard Brathay as their ally and trusted advisor.

We measure
impact in our
charity work too

Our charity has a 75-year track record of helping young people and families during difficult times in their lives. Our in-house researcher evaluates progress and impact, improving programmes and shaping best practice.

Brathay is 75!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.