A Bradford teenager has turned her experience of being bullied into a message of hope to help others facing similar situations.

Earlier this year we were brought in to support 14-yr-old Eisha Sajid who was being bullied. It was affecting her school life, her home life and she was self-harming.

Our youth worker Fozia Nazneen organised a programme of support which included six music sessions in a studio at our Bradford base. Fozia realised that Eisha was a competent singer-song writer and performer and that this passion for music could help her deal with her bullying experience.

And now a song which Eisha has written and performed called Dark Days can be heard here:

Eisha says she is more positive about her future and that finding the confidence to write her own music will help her overcome other obstacles she may face. She also said her relationship with her mum has improved and that she is less angry.

“Music helped me. We all have a thing that get our mind away from what is happening in our lives and mine was music” explained Eisha.

“The sessions helped me to find a more positive way of expressing my emotions. Recording my songs was a big deal for me and one of my dreams come true. I never thought that this could happen” she added.

As Brathay’s Fozia Nazneen explained:

“Eisha was referred to us through our ‘Families First’ programme. I am incredibly proud of her as she has been able to turn a very negative experience into something positive. She has shown that being bullied will not define her as a person and she’s now helping others not to feel alone and that there is a way out”.

Listen to Eisha talk about her experience with Brathay in this video interview:

Eisha recently appeared on BBC Radio Leeds talking about her experience with us and her anti-bullying song. Listen to her interview from 2 hours 15 mins on IPlayer here.You have until 11th October to listen.