Our appeal for 24 new bikes for the young people who come to our Hinning House residential centre in the Lake District has had a further boost.

We would like to say a great big thank you to the West Lancashire Freemasons Charity and the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund who donated £2,300 and £600 respectively. It will buy 12 new bikes.

This also means our eight-year old bikes will get a new lease of life with a Wigan charity called The Brick. Each bike has given sterling service. We reckon they are used about 30 times a year, by approximately 24 children and their teachers which means each has been ridden at least 5,750 times.

They are now being re-cycled at their new home through Brick’s amazing bike project, Gearing Up. We got to hear about Brick through a Wigan school, who visited Hinning House, and who are supporting Brick.

Gearing Up picked up 14 bikes, around 30 tyres and many boxes of spare parts. All bikes will be fully refurbished to meet strict standards and offered to local families at a nominal rate, given to people who need help getting started with cycling or offered to unemployed people who have just got a job.

Low Bank Ground and Hinning House are Wigan Council’s Outdoor Education Centres in the Lake District, managed on behalf of the Council by us. Mountain biking is an important part of a residential experience at Hinning House. Hundreds of families and children from the Wigan area benefit from visits to these popular centres.

We would love to hear from anyone wanting to help us complete our fleet of bikes. Our appeal is nearly there, we just need to raise £1,000 more. Click here to make a donation.