As an organisation that works with children, young people and their families, and clients from the business world, we take our responsibilities with regards to their wellbeing very seriously.

We’re keeping up to date with, and implementing, HM Government and NHS recommendations relating to the Coronavirus outbreak and all our staff are aware of actions required if a case is suspected, and actions needed to prevent it’s spread.

We are open for business as usual and will continue to operate as normal, whilst monitoring carefully this developing situation, and responding accordingly. 

To help ensure we are fully up to date on developments and any actions needed, we have assembled a group, led by our Senior Management Team, who are meeting regularly to keep abreast of developments.

As always, we will continue to work with our partner organisations and clients to ensure the safety of those taking part in our programmes across all our sites whilst the risk of Coronavirus infection exists, to protect their safety and wellbeing, along with that of our own staff team.