A film produced in 1988 for the 40th Anniversary of the Brathay Exploration Group, featuring narration by a popular British presenter, has been released online.

The film, entitled Brathay Explores, was created using 16mm film footage taken between 1957 and 1976 at several expeditions. These include expeditions to the Lake District, Uganda, Norway, Iceland, Foula and Canada. Each section of footage is pulled together by the narration of broadcasting legend, David Attenborough.

The Brathay Exploration Group started life as part of Brathay Trust. The group would take young people around the world to do a variety of activities from sounding lakes to surveying glaciers, proper scientific work suggested to them by researchers at Universities.

You can watch this fascinating video below. The quality of the transfer isn't the best but it does give a unique insight into the activities of the past undertaken by the young people of the Brathay Exploration Group:

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