Catherine Stobbart The team name was taken from the Border Reivers who used to raid Cumbria from the North! We thought we could raid a few pockets for this excellent cause.
I volunteer where I can and this is a way of putting something back for me too.
Any help from anyone would like to contribute is absolutely welcome. Chocs, craft items and so on, we are having lots of different events.
Our Limerick Competition was in April. Clean five line verses!
Our Easter efforts raised more than £300. In May there was the Booze Raffle (always popular). In June, there was a fun treasure hunt walking around Kendal; starting and finishing at the Rifleman's Arms in Kendal with prizes for the winning team...
Having now come to the end of our Lakeland Reivers team we have exceeded all our expectations raising over £3000 for the Trust Appeal. A core team have supported the Challenge for the last six months and the support of Lakeland and the MD - Sam - has been tremendous. Thanks to all my pals and we will shake a tail feather to our success at the Anniversary Ball in November. One of our team - Alison - is getting married at the Low Wood the week after so lots to celebrate Catherine Stobbart