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Brathay Explore (formerly the Brathay Exploration Group and more recently the Brathay Exploration Trust) was established in 1947 with the purpose of providing young people with the opportunity to take part in inspirational, life-changing expeditions in the UK and overseas.

For 70 years we’ve helped our expeditioners explore and discover new places, expand their environmental and cultural awareness and support their personal development so that they may go on to and engage positively in society and achieve their full potential.

Why go on a Brathay Explore expedition?

A Brathay expedition is much more than a one off experience; we encourage our young people to stay involved, progress to other elements of our programme, gain skills and confidence and return as ambassadors, volunteers and supporters.

I grew a lot personally because [the leaders] and even participants in the group were patient and encouraged me to try things I had never dreamed I would do. The activities pushed me to the limit, and that made it a worthwhile trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Emma, Norway 2014

All Explore expeditions have an educational, environmental or scientific purpose and are located at or beyond the limits of human settlement, often requiring interesting and challenging travel to reach them.  You can expect to:

  • visit some of the most remote and inspiring places in the UK and overseas
  • develop personal skills (team-working, leadership, resilience, communication) in a safe, supportive but challenging environment
  • learn new practical skills in conservation, geography and scientific disciplines, contributing to on-going scientific programmes
  • meet a wide range of people from different backgrounds
  • enhance your CV, further/higher education application and employability
  • join a community of like-minded people who are passionate about the natural world

2016 brings with it 60 years of association between the Brathay Exploration Group (now called Brathay Explore) and the remote island of Foula in the Shetlands.

Find out more - Foula: 60 years and counting

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