In partnership with Miles-Moore Ceramics, we bring you a special soup and sandwich evening at Brathay Hall, where you get to take your beautiful bowl home with you.

Miles-Moore Ceramics is the Studio of Siobhan and Martin. Earlier this year Siobhan’s sister died in her sleep, of pneumonia. Her eating disorder was too deeply established for her mind or body to fight any longer. This was the week before we all lost Matt Campbell, a brilliant young chef, and supporter of Brathay. Donations in his memory made our new 3.7 Resilience programme possible.

Every year Miles-Moore Ceramics choose a charity to support, and they had an idea about how they could use their work to help with fundraising to honour these two sad losses.

Bowls of Resilience was born!

Miles-Moore Bowls

There are many elements that are essential in building resilience - properly nourishing your body and your mind is a great start. Embracing good food and creativity helps us all do this.

Working with some of the great chefs who knew and loved Matt best we present a night that will allow our guests to experience great food and creativity.

Invest in your own resilience whilst supporting the resilience of others. TICKETS JUST £17.50.

Tickets entitle you to a unique art work and a unique dining experience.

You buy a bowl of soup, and get to take the bowl home with you, as a permanent reminder of the importance of looking after yourselves.

Bowls have been donated by Miles-Moore Ceramics, who make great plates for great chefs using found and foraged materials. Soup will be donated by Matt’s friends and their suppliers and will use both his recipes and recipes that he has inspired.

The evening will also give you insight into the work we are doing, in partnership with Miles-Moore Ceramics, to make sure that creativity and making are central to our work on resilience. You will meet the makers, understand how they take inspiration and materials from the Cumbrian Landscape and how they are transformed in great kitchens across the UK.

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