13th November 2017

Pre-conference social programme Sunday 12th November 2017


Join us to discuss how we achieve wellbeing for young people and families in an ever-changing world.

Brathay Trust and the University of Cumbria are partnering for the 5th consecutive year to bring together practice, policy and research in leading wellbeing. The focus for 2017 is Leading Wellbeing within the context of children, young people and families. The conference will explore, share and take action on critical issues surrounding practice and research that supports children, young peoples and family’s wellbeing.

The main aim of the conference is to share leading practice supporting wellbeing. This will include practice based case studies and research drawing from multi-agency and multi-disciplinary areas. Critical discussion will focus on innovative ways of working together in changing contexts. This will draw out important messages for us to develop practice to meet the ever changing landscapes of children, young people, and families. Particular emphasis will be placed on evidencing wellbeing at every level and in multiple formats.

The conference will include:

  • Global and national perspective from keynote speakers
  • Leading examples from practice
  • Opportunities to showcase innovation and learning from research and practice
  • Open space forums to discuss critical questions arising from the day
  • A market place of ideas, information and posters
  • Perspectives from non-formal, informal and formal education, social work, youth work, family work, community work, health, mental health, policing and justice and voluntary, community, charitable, statutory and private sectors.

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Private/Corporate Organisations - £100

VCS and University - £50

Volunteers and Students - £10

Online booking available soon.

B&B accommodation can be booked by filling in our enquiry form here or by giving us a call on 015394 33041

Pre conference informal event

Please join a group of likeminded folk for an informal opportunity to have great conversations, network and enjoy the Lake District on Sunday 12th November. This is an opportunity to explore the beautiful grounds of Brathay Trust, walk up Loughrigg Fell, or relax with a brew. There will be an informal meal and seminar in the evening.

Brathay Estate From The Air The Shores Of Windermere On The Brathay Estate A View From Loughrigg Fell

Call for case studies

We welcome proposals for case studies to share practice and/or research. The case studies should showcase learning and innovative thinking in leading new directions of work with children, young people and families wellbeing. They need not be successful examples to have generated learning.  Case studies will be presented within a 30 min time slot with additional time for questions.

There is also an opportunity to showcase your practice and/or research at the market place. If you would like to display a poster, materials, or advertise your work please provide a brief explanation of what you will bring and how participants will benefit from it.

Case study and market place materials can be submitted here: https://cumbria.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/wellbeing-conference-case-studies-and-market-place-proposa

Case study and market place presenters will not have fees waived.

For any additional enquiries please contact us by clicking here.

Event Timetable




Welcome Welcomes and context setting: Brathay Trust’s refocus on wellbeing University of Cumbria’s wellbeing priority


Keynote Speaker Professor Angie Hart – Brighton University and Director of Boing Boing
A national perspective on supporting young people’s wellbeing


Keynote Speaker Bethia McNeil and Pippa Knott – Centre for Youth Impact How do we evidence wellbeing?


Break Market Place – showcasing projects and research


Case Studies Learning and innovative thinking in leading new directions in work with CYPF’s wellbeing


Lunch Market Place – showcasing projects and research


Keynote Speaker

Dr Lucy Maynard – Brathay Trust & Dr Kaz Stuart – University of Cumbria

Promoting young people’s wellbeing through empowerment and agency – a critical framework for practice


Open space

An opportunity to focus on critical questions that have come up through the morning


Closing space

Summary of key learning and critical take away messages


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Keynote Speakers

Resilient approaches to supporting children and young people's mental wellbeing

Angie Hart, Director of BoingBoing

Nationally there is a growing momentum around the need to support children and young people's wellbeing. This presentation offers a brief overview of the national context of children and young people's wellbeing and then hones in on resilience approaches to tackling the complexities involved.  Our community works with a concept of resilience that involves not just tackling mental health by beating the odds for a chosen few, but changing the odds more widely. Together we have developed Resilient Therapy and the Academic Resilience Approach which are both practical ways of working with resilience ideas to support children and young people's mental health.  Core members of our community include citizens with lived experience of adversity in many guises, alongside practitioners and policy makers working in health, education, social care or community development. 

Angie Hart, Director of BoingBoing

Angie Hart, Director of BoingBoing

Angie Hart is Professor of Child, Family and Community Health in the School of Health Sciences. At the University of Brighton. She is also Academic Director of the award winning Community University Partnership Programme. Resilience is her particular area of expertise and she co-runs a not-for-profit focused on resilience-based practices – www.boingboing.org.uk.  Together with community members and practitioners she co-developed Resilient Therapy and the Academic Resilience Approach to support children to develop resilience.

These approaches draw on theories of resilience that involve not just beating the odds for a few children but changing them more broadly.

As well as being a university academic, Angie is a community practitioner with many years experience of working in the NHS in child and family mental health. As the adoptive parent of three children from the care system, she has much experience herself as a service user of health and social care services in both the voluntary and statutory sector.

Angie has published widely on health, social care and educational services to disadvantaged children, their families and their supporters. She was educated at the universities of Sussex, Cambridge and Oxford.

Promoting young people’s wellbeing through empowerment and agency – a critical framework for practice

Dr Lucy Maynard, Head of Brathay Research Hub, Dr Kaz Stuart, Associate Professor of Child, Adolescent and Family Studies.

The terms ‘wellbeing’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘agency’ are common parlance in policy and practice, yet are complex and can often be misused, or not fully understood. Further, there is a disconnect between these abstract concepts and tangible practice with young people. We’ve spent time unpicking these dilemma’s within a variety of settings in order to better understand them. Subsequently, we’ve created a practice based framework that has solid foundations in critical pedagogy. This perspective sees wellbeing in relationship with social justice. It bridges the theory-practice divide, offering clear concepts and practical ways to support young people’s wellbeing. 

Dr Lucy Maynard, Head of Brathay Research Hub

Dr Lucy Maynard, Head of Brathay Research Hub

Lucy has worked both nationally and internationally as a practitioner and researcher. Her interests in the area are rooted firmly in practice, the foundations of which were laid whilst working in the USA as an experiential educator. Lucy's interest in understanding practice more and more led her to study at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. In 2011 she completed her PhD working with young people and practitioners to understand the process of empowerment in youth development. Now, as the Head of Research at Brathay Trust, Lucy's approach is underpinned by a passionate belief in empowerment and critical pedagogy and a commitment to collaborative and participatory work in developing practice.

Dr Kaz Stuart, Associate Professor of Child, Adolescent and Family Studies

​Dr Kaz Stuart, Associate Professor of Child, Adolescent and Family Studies​

Kaz is principal lecturer in the Department of Health, Psychology and Social Science at the University of Cumbria leading undergraduate and postgraduate work in youth and community work, mental health, cognitive behaviour therapy and work with children, young people and families. As Associate Professor for Child, Adolescent and Family Studies Kaz supports interdisciplinary practice based research within and between organisations and promotes the use of socially just research methods. Kaz also has a keen interest in evidencing the impact of youth work in ways that contribute to the young person as much as the organisation supporting them and works closely with the Centre for Youth Impact. Kaz has a wide professional background including primary, secondary and higher education teaching, youth work, social care, outdoor education, and research all as a practitioner, manager and leader.