In this fascinating workshop Charlotte Hardacre and Dr Kaz Stuart take a look at designing and delivering socially-just and authentic research & evaluation projects.

Practitioners’ whose work is driven by emancipatory and socially-just notions, often wish to transfer these aims to their research and evaluation.

However, researchers and evaluators can find themselves diverted from these values by a move toward impact measurement and ‘cause and effect’ models in qualitative research. Charting a clear path, from design to delivery, which maintains the socially-just aims that drove the desire to do research and evaluation in the first place is a helpful task for both established and early career researchers and evaluators.

In this workshop you will be supported to identify what you value most about your practice and use this knowledge to create a checklist that mirrors these values throughout your research and evaluation.

This will be a useful tool for developing congruence between theory and practice, supporting radical or unorthodox methods and reducing ethical barriers by setting out a transparent, authentic and explanatory protocol for your socially-just research or evaluation project.

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