The Adventure Cycle Festival

A cycling event at Brathay Hall featuring demo bikes and equipment, workshops, rides, challenges and talks from key speakers. Find Out more

Building the Future

A network event to consider: "Sustaining excellence for the Voluntary and Community Sector in Cumbria & North Lancashire".Find Out more

Leading wellbeing with children, young people & families conference

Join us to discuss how we achieve wellbeing for young people and families in an ever-changing world.Find Out more

Seminar: A new pedagogy for working with children, young people and families

Kate Breeze will present her doctoral research proposing a new pedagogy for working with children, young people and families.Find Out more

Film Club: City of God

To open up a discussion of identity we will watch and discuss City of God.Find Out more

Brathay 262

The Brathay 262 is an ultra distance cycling event that involves 10 laps of Windermere, England's largest lake, in 24 hours.Find Out more

Brathay Brutal

At 58 miles the Brutal may not be the longest ride out there, but with 6,200 feet of climbing it’s no small effort!Find Out more

Brathay Belter

Covering a combination of the 2016 route and sections from the Brathay Brutal the route offers those looking for a challenge, but something not quite so “brutal”, the opportunity to enjoy some summer riding.Find Out more

Brathay Breeze

Whether you’re new to cycling or want some exercise while waiting for someone on the longer routes, the Brathay Breeze offers a great opportunity for your cycling season.Find Out more

Seminar: Novice to expert through placement experiences

Pete Crossley will present on how to progress from novice to expert through placement experiences.Find Out more