Children and Young People's Services

The experiences Brathay create inspire children and young people to make positive changes that will last a lifetime.

We work with over 7,000 young people every year, close to their homes or on immersive residentials in the Lake District. By focusing on the skills, attitudes and behaviours that young people need to develop their potential, their employability and their resilience, we empower them to make active choices that will benefit them, and the people around them.

Education and employment

Brathay support young people and their families to overcome any barriers they face when finding a path into education, training or work.

We work with schools and colleges to bring young people’s studies alive with real-world skills; underpinning their learning with the attitudes and behaviours they will need when making the move into the workplace.

At risk groups

Brathay support groups of young people and families who have more specific needs: those who are at risk of being, or are already, involved in the criminal justice system; or those who are sexually exploited, alcohol and substance misusers, self-harmers, young carers, or looked after young people.

We provide these families and young people with the time, space and support they need to develop self-awareness, skills and confidence; giving them the strength to make positive choices, take control of their lives and assert their rights.

Supporting social action

We work with young people and families to identify the services they need to improve their lives and bring their communities together, while building relevant skills to advance their long-term prospects. We support young people as they take on roles as National Citizen Service volunteers or Aspiring Leaders – building their capabilities and helping them improve the lives of those around them.

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