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One Passion, One Purpose
One Brathay

Brathay is a not-for-profit wellbeing and self-development organisation with the charitable purpose of improving the life chances of thousands of young people across Yorkshire and Cumbria, and the North West in real need every year.

Our charitable mission is to design and deliver innovative self-development and support programmes for children, young people and families that promote the core social and emotional attitudes, skills and capabilities to enable a lifetime of wellbeing.

All our funded charitable programmes are community-based and often include an immersive residential at Brathay as part of the learning experience. They are financed through private donations, public funding and grant aid, with additional support from the surplus income generated by our own social enterprise, including:

  • Profit share from our world-class people development and leadership coaching for corporate and public sector organisations
  • Entry fees and sponsorship for our Challenge Events in the Lake District
  • Surplus income from Staycations
  • A contribution of funds from our Purposeful Residentials
  • Venue hires for meetings, corporate events and celebrations

OUR PASSION as a charity comes from the heartfelt belief that every young person deserves to feel good and function well whilst engaging with their local community. We share the same view across the wider organisation too, believing that with the right help in the right way at the right time, everyone can do extraordinary things.

OUR PURPOSE as a charity is to make this happen for all the young people and families we support, empowering individuals to make positive and sustainable life choices to be the best they can be.

We have over 100 employed staff at Brathay, plus a team of freelance specialists and dozens of generous volunteers. They each work in diverse roles, geographically spread across urban and rural locations, yet everyone shares the same passion and purpose, fulfilling our charitable mission by working together as ONE BRATHAY.

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Our energy and efforts cumulate in enhancing everyone’s wellbeing. We call this ‘One Brathay’.

Brathay counts on
the support of so many
awesome people

As well as our own social enterprise income, we rely on external donations to remain viable. Be it fundraising, volunteering or donating, you too can take part.

Brathay is 75!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.