young people discussing their views

Our innovate leadership courses
create leaders of self and others

We understand that young people have the potential to take the lead in their own lives and be leaders in their own communities and even the wider world.

We focus on:

  • Developing interpersonal leadership skills
  • Nurturing self-confidence and responsibility
  • Personal reflection and evaluation of others
  • Learning through challenging and demanding experiences
  • Facilitation skills to help and support others
  • Creating and leading a coherent team
  • Communication with honest interaction and feedback


Our leadership programmes are aimed at young people who are already engaged in their local communities and have a growing sense of empowerment but need support to take the lead. We are particularly focused on working with young people who are emerging as inspired and confident individuals ready to take social action.

We support young people to become leaders of self and others – be it future leaders in schools, communities, or organisations.

Our approach includes individual and team challenges, peer reflection and review and problem solving. The aim is to grow a young person’s self-confidence, develop the practical, emotional, and intellectual skills required for effective leadership and instil a sense of responsibility.

Those who’ve participated in Engagement and Development programmes previously will build on the learning and outcomes already achieved.

We use our own 3-stage learning model

Awareness: To support young people to reflect on themselves and their situation and others around them by becoming aware of their ability to lead.

Choice: To support young people to realise that their choices can have a positive impact on themselves and others and that they have the power to take control of their lives by developing their leadership skills and growing their confidence to help others make positive choices too.

Action: To support young people to take action to influence and change themselves, their situation, and their environment. We encourage young people to make changes for themselves and others by becoming leaders of self and social action.


  • Sense of personal leadership
  • Ability to set personal and leadership goals
  • Empathy and understanding of others
  • Skills and abilities to lead and support from the front
  • Steering teamwork through effective communication and trust
  • Ability to inspire others and communicate a clear vision