young people discussing their views

Developing young people
to shape their own positive future

Our development programmes are the next stage on from our Engagement programmes.

We work with young people who are already starting to play an active part in their own lives and use structured activities and reflection to help them identify what their future may look like and how best to work towards it with positive outcomes.

We focus on:

  • Developing the necessary skills to take control
  • Nurturing a person’s innate ability to take action
  • Learning through experience
  • Facilitating transitions, such as leaving full-time care
  • Preparing for employability
  • Preparing for independence


We know, that with the right guidance, encouragement, and support, young people can be empowered to develop themselves and take control of their own lives. Only then can they set out to achieve what they really want to achieve.

Current examples are ‘Get Real’ where we help young people leaving care to move towards employment, or to re-engage with education or training, and ‘Tenancy Ready’ for those making the difficult transition from leaving full-time care to independent living.

Our approach is based on learning through experience, reflection, and review. It includes challenge by choice, goal setting, the use of appropriate role models, and programmes for the development of identity formation.

We use our own 3-stage learning model:

Awareness: To support young people to become critically conscious of themselves and their situation by becoming aware of their potential to achieve their goals.

Choice: To help young people realise that the choices they make now will have a direct impact on their future and have consequences, and to develop their ability to make better choices using the right skills.

Action: To support young people to act by trying new things and make changes for themselves and others by developing their abilities and skills.


  • Better inter-personal skills such as teamwork, communication, and trust
  • Increased self-confidence, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Greater sense of control and self-efficacy
  • New-found agency to make change
  • Motivation, determination, and resilience
  • Benefit of ongoing positive support networks