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What's going on at our Bradford hub and beyond...

Employability programmes to get young people work-ready

Supporting our service users to find sustained and relevant employment or education is a key outcome for Brathay.

As part of our involvement with Bradford Skillshouse Partnership we have a team of three professional community employment coaches working with young people up to the age of twenty-four to overcome their individual barriers to progression.

Each coach delivers individual and group coaching sessions and has a responsibility to deliver purposeful employment outcomes for every participant.

Mental Health Counselling

We have a fully-qualified and experienced counselling team in Bradford who are focused on improving the emotional and social wellbeing young people and children in real need.

Our successful approach uses a mix of youth work and mental health practitioner support that includes 1:1 counselling alongside a range of engaging interventions.

Our services also include a Peer Mentoring Schools Programme that supports local schools to develop their own in-house peer mentoring programmes. We also work closely with Medical Needs Education Services (MNHES) supporting learners whose medical needs have prevented them from attending mainstream school for 15 days or more. Our role here is to support learners referred to MNHES by re-integrating them back into full-time education, using an innovative mix of youth worker and mental health practitioner support.

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Programmes that focus on self-esteem and agency

A current example of this type of programme is BeSavy - designed to explore how youth work combined with therapeutic sessions can positively engage young people who are vulnerable and at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation. Brathay have successfully delivered CSE programme to over 550 discrete groups of young people including young offenders, girls and boys at risk of CSE, and looked after children. A lack of self-esteem and high levels of anxiety resulted in school absence among them all, yet we saw 70% attendance during our most recent project.

The aim behind BeSavy is to equip children, young people, and parents with the knowledge to deal with issues and challenges they may face by building up their resilience; offering concepts of mindfulness; looking at healthy/unhealthy relationships; the importance of looking after themselves; keeping safe and what to do when bad things happen. We explore how grooming starts and how quickly this progresses, especially in relation to what can happen online.

Brathay is 75 this year!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.