Extending our reach in
Yorkshire and Humber

Brathay runs community programmes for children, young people and families across Yorkshire and Humber. For the last decade, we have been operating out of our busy Youth and Families hub in Bradford, based in buildings adjacent to Bradford Cathedral in the heart of the city centre. We have a trained staff team of experienced youth workers, family support key workers, counsellors and employability coaches.

From here, we deliver flexible, needs-based community programmes designed to support young people and families to make positive and sustainable life choices.

Interested to know more about how we can help at Bradford? Please contact our friendly team at [email protected], they will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are the current programmes we are delivering from our Bradford Hub:

Brathay Trust’s ambition is to inspire young people to make positive changes to the lives, this can only happen if the willing to change comes from within themselves. This is why our counselling and mental health services are vital.

We follow the client’s lead to explore their inner world at their own pace; offering space and opporuntity to unpack difficult and disruptive emotions that may be holding them back from reach their potential.

All our counsellors are qualified and accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and they work to BACP ethical standards. We also fortunate to be joined by a team of trainee counsellors, also working to BACP ethical standards, they help young people aged 18+.

We are a collaborative team, bringing together different therapeutic toolkits, including but not limited to; walk and talk therapy, creative therapy, specialist training in eater disorders, acute trauma and bereavement.

The expert skills and training add to our distinct therapeutic approach, but it is the relationship between counsellor and young person is always the focal point of our work.

What is MAGIC? The aim of MAGIC (Managing Anxiety and creating Goals for Increased Confidence) is to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people across Bradford and Keighley.

We are achieving this by delivering support to children and young people directly in their Primary School, we deliver fun and creative one-to-one sessions with either a Counsellor or Youth Worker.

Who is it for? MAGIC is for children and young people aged 5-11 years-old living in the Bradford and Keighley area. 

What is MHNES? The aim of MHNES (Medical Needs Hospital Education Service) is to ensure children and young people who are medically unable to attend school receive education provisions. It is funded by the Local Authority.

Brathay Trust delivery staff provide the counselling and youth work sessions for the students using the MHNES. We also run group Life Skills for MHNES on a Thursday for students in year 11 to help transitioning from MNHES to college or work.

Who is it for? Students using the MNHES.  

What is CAMHS? CAMHS or CYPMHS (Children and Young People Mental Health Services) is the NHS services than assess and treats children and young people with emotional and mental health problems.

Brathay Trust is commissioned to conduct wellbeing calls for children and young people who are on the CAMHS waiting list.

The aim of the call is to check in with the young person, provide a trained youth worker or counsellor who can listen to the young person, allow them to talk about their emotions and not to feel like they are on a never-ending waiting list.

We will also actively signpost the young person and their family to other services that we believe could offer further support whilst they are on the waiting list.

Who is it for? Young people on the CAMHS waiting list.

What is Safe Spaces? Safe Spaces is a drop-in service that offers emotional and mental health support and guidance for young people from the Bradford and Craven District. Safe Spaces is here when you do not know where to turn.

It is on every Wednesday, from 3.30pm to 6.30pm, at our Bradford Hub – Brathay Trust, Bradford, BD1 4EH.

Safe Spaces is funded by Cellar Trust.

Who is it for? Children and young people aged 7-18 years old from the Bradford and Craven District

We also support other existing young people provisions with local partners as part of our outreach offer. You can find us at:

  • First Wednesday of every month we’re at Café West, Allerton, BD15 7PA. In partnership with Bradford Youth Service.
  • Second Tuesday of every month we’re at Buttershaw Youth Club, BD6 3PU. In partnership with Bradford Youth Service.
  • Third Thursday of every month we’re at Springfield Centre, Thorpe Edge, BD10 9JB. In partnership with Springfield Centre.
  • Fourth Wednesday of every month we’re at JAMES Project, Keighley, The Old Tramshed, BD21 1ES. In partnership with JAMES Project.

What is VRU? Brathay Trust works in partnership with The JAMES Project and COOP Academy Grange to deliver a crime prevention programme for student in Year 9 (aged 13 to 14 years old) who may be at risk of or involved in crime in their community. The aim of the programme is to improve school attendance, improve behaviours and raise aspirations.

We work with a small group of students over 8 week. The programmes consists of engaging and informative sessions on crime and consequences, as well as the opportunity to take part in a range of experiences:

  • vocational activity to learn new skills
  • fun activities such as Go Karts
  • outdoor residential at our residential centre in Ambleside, Lake District

This programmes is funded by West Yorkshire Reduction Unit.

Who is it for? Students in Year 9 at risk of or involved in crime.

What is Early Help Service? Early Help is a collaborative service that provides extra support as soon as a family’s difficulties start.

Many families may need support at some point in their lives, whether that’s due to:

  • concern for a child’s mental wellbeing, physical health or behaviour
  • caring for a child with disabilities
  • concern for a child struggling to go to school
  • needing help for a child who is affected by negative family relationships, drugs or alcohol
  • parent(s) or carer(s) experiencing personal distress or anxiety, financial or housing problems   

We work in partnership with different local services to ensure the children, young people and families receive the right services at the right time to help prevent or reduce problems for children and young people as they grow up.

Who is it for? Families with children and/or young people, and it is available at any stage of the child’s life, from pregnancy through to adolescence (19 years old), and up to 24 years old for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

What is Family Aide? Family Aide Programme (FAW) is practical support for families to improve current situations that they may be finding difficult.

This often involves:

  • Supporting families to implement routines and boundaries with their children and young people
  • Supporting families to ensure their children and young people attend school
  • Working with the child or young person to support and access other services that will meet their needs such as CAMHS or youth work.

Depending on your needs we may provide some sessions in the participants’ home with the parent/carer and their child, including morning and evening.

Who is it for? Families with children and/or young people who need emotional and practical support.

What is DART? DART is a 10-week programme that helps mothers and children strengthen their relationship following domestic abuse. It is in partnership with the NSPCC.

Over the 10-week programme, the mothers and children will explore their issues within a safe and friendly environment, promoting openness and honesty. We’ll help mothers and children to:

  • Understand what domestic abuse is
  • Learn how to talk about domestic abuse
  • Express their feelings in healthy ways
  • Know they are not to blame
  • Identify protection strategies
  • Build their confidence and self-esteem

Who is it for? DART is for mothers with children aged 7-14 years old. The programme works with one mother and one child at a time. If there is more than one child, the mother can work through the programme again at a later stage with the other children. The perpetrator of domestic abuse must not be living within the family home, and must no longer be in a relationship with the mother. This is because it’s important that mothers and their children feel safe enough to take part in the programme.

What are our employability services? In partnership with SkillsHouse Bradford, we provide community employability coaching in the Bradford District. Our team of professional employment coaches work with anyone from 17+ to overcome their individual barriers to employment.

Our person-centred approach means that we help service users find the right employment for them. Our coaches support them through the entire process of securing a job, including, writing a CV or applications, preparing for an interview, and the initial few weeks of their employment to ensure they settle in well.

Who is it for? Those living in the Bradford District aged 17+ years old struggling to secure employment or further education.

We combine
community activity with
Lake District residentials

It gives us an ongoing presence in so many young lives.

And we partner with other agencies to extend our reach.

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.