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Extending our reach in
Cumbria and the North West

Brathay runs community support programmes for children, young people, and families across Cumbria and the North-West. All our programmes are designed to meet individual need and we operate using project workers based in targeted communities alongside our permanent town centre hub at Project John in Barrow-in-Furness.

As a charity, our community-based programmes are delivered by a team of qualified and experienced youth workers, family support workers, mental health practitioners, teachers, and counsellors. Many of them live in the communities where they work, so they are truly committed to bringing about positive change.

Our core areas of delivery across Cumbria and the North West are:

  • One-to-one support for individuals and families
  • Employability
  • Mental Health Support
  • Counselling and Talking Therapies
  • Youth and Community Projects
  • Environmental Citizenship

What matters most

At Brathay we believe that every child and young person has the right to feel good and function well; be part of a strong family network and live in a thriving community.

Our approach is to connect with every individual through mutual understanding and trust and our ability to deliver on this consistently and truly make it happen is what gives us measurable success and makes our work stand out.

Working in partnership

We enjoy partnerships with local schools and employers in Cumbria and North-west, as well as Children’s Services, the Youth Offending Service, Furness Youthwork Partnership, Women’s Community Matters, Barrow Culture, Project John, and many others.

With them, we utilise our local knowledge to plan for, and influence, positive change, making us a key contributor to the complex fabric of support for those living in some of the area’s most isolated and overlooked communities.

Catch a Glimpse

We are working with young people at risk of becoming sexually exploited.

Head of Children and Young People Services, Rachel Head, says:

'We provide a safe place whilst promoting healthy relationships and secure attachments.

Being a part of Brathay means believing that everyone has the right to feel good and function well

From key workers to office and hospitality staff, we're all committed to the cause.


Brathay is 75 this year!

We work with young people, families, employers and employees, to enhance wellbeing and create long-lasting personal change.