Brathay - building resilience, enhancing wellbeing, for 75 years


Having a sense of positive wellbeing comes partly from resilience. After almost 75 years of operation, our focus on individual and community wellbeing is perhaps more relevant today than it has been for many years. Find Out more

How Brathay helped me to live life to the fullest


David Sherrington looks back fondly on his time on a programme at Brathay Hall in 1957, and how it has helped shape his life since.Find Out more

Remembering Ioan Thomas


We take a moment to remember a prominent member from the early days of the Brathay Exploration Group, Ioan Thomas.Find Out more

Two hundred year timeshift as Harden descendants visit Brathay Hall


Time went back two hundred years at Brathay Hall recently, as descendants of John & Jessy Harden visited the ancestral home for the first time.Find Out more

Mark Wolfson - a personal tribute


Brathay Archivist, Maurice Dybeck, remembers his time with Mark Wolfson, who was Principal of Brathay from 1962-1965, going on to be Chair of Trustees.Find Out more

Brathay staff from the 1960s remember their time with us


Gwyn and Chris both worked for us back in the 1960s. After 50+ years they returned to Brathay Hall to see how things have changed and take a trip down memory lane.Find Out more

Memories from 1949


Maurice, our archivist, shares a letter that was sent to one of our Youth Managers back in 2002, which shares memories from 1949.Find Out more

Do you know your way around?


Our archivist, Maurice, shares some thoughts on how Brathay, in so many ways, does its best to ‘point the way’.Find Out more

Remembing influential filmmaker, Christopher Mylne


Someone associated with the Brathay Exploration Group in its early days passed away recently - our Archivist looks back on his influence on Brathay film-making.Find Out more

Life at Brathay long ago


Maurice, from our archive, shares some quotes from customers’ contributions to the 1960's course magazine: BRATHAY NEWSFind Out more